Thursday, December 4, 2008

In Memoriam: Ms. Lo Hwei Yen

I didn't update my blog recently. Too burdened with the 'grind' of life.

Just when i was lamenting last week how life is so repetitive and filled with so much responsibilities (that can be quite suffocating some times), i came across news of a Singaporean (my fellow countryman) held hostage by terrorist in Mumbai.

To be honest, it was so distance and i thought it would be fine in the end (we were so desensitised by all the bad news reflected in the newspaper nowadays) plus the fact that we are swamped with relentless task at work that
most of us (my friends and I) just talked about it briefly but did not stop to offer a short prayer.

It turned out to be a sad news. A Singaporean, Ms Lo Hwei Yen died at the hands of the terrorists. When i heard the news, my heart ache for her husband, their families and friends.

I do not know her. It was quite unfortunately for a bright young lady (age 29) to die at such a young age.
But what really moved me was how she lived a good life and managed to touch many lives around her. She was quoted by her friends as "There is no doubt that she lived a good life. She shopped, she travelled, she wined and dined, and she partied. But she always made an effort to show her love, care and concern and appreciation for the people around her."

Wow, i hope someone close to me would said that of me in the final eulogy at my funeral.

To live life to the fullest, enjoy every moment and at the same time made an effort (because love is an action) to show love should be the theme song for everyone. At least, it will be for me.

Today her family, friends and fellow Singaporeans bid final farewell to Ms Lo Hwei Yen. As we grieve her passing, we should also be reminded how life could be live and love like the way she did.


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