Tuesday, July 28, 2009

King of Hearts

Others think "that's it" for you, they think that you are stuck in your weakness. they are looking from human's angle.You think that you can't be changed, you are looking from human's angle.
From His angle, you are perfect in his love and will.
From His angle, all things are possible.

Do not look that your own situation, lest you get swallowed within.
Look at God's love.
If you can't love, ask Him for the indefinite capacity to love.
For by ourselves, we do not have the ability to do.
We are selfish being, tainted by sin.

Exalt the Lord!
If you find yourself still wondering in the desert,
ask yourself...have you love the Lord with all your heart.
You said you do but have you?
Do you feel what he feels? Are you rooted in His words?
Only by abiding in His words can you firmly resist. it is the ONLY way.
Have you wondered why you keep failing? Going spiritually up and down like a roller coastal ride. Have you tried being rooted in His words.

Is Lord Jesus the King of you heart? Do you have enough room for him.
Ask for His love so overflowing that it pushes out all fears, anxiety, insecurity...

There is Hope. Start by reading His words every day no matter how tired you are. For not only do you need physical food you too need spirtual food. Pray everyday, for we need to talk to Our heavenly Father. We need we know His heart and then slowly He will reveal to us His Will when we Trust and Obey.

Pray for the Holy Spirit to help you and guide you.

Ask for Wisdom for the Lord said whoever lack Wisdom, ask.

When you are incapable to love, ask for larger capacity to love.

Stop running in the wilderness anymore and come back to His words. There is no stronger shelter and only His word can quench the real thirst.

Is Jesus the King of your Heart Today and Everyday?


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