Friday, September 26, 2008

Too fast and fury

Hello everyone,

It's been a while since I blogged because I am too busy with work to do anything else.

Thanks for the comments and i apologised for not being able to reply everyone of them.

I have to make this entry to commemorate the World's first F1 Night Racing (yes! in Singapore). As i am typing this post i can hear the roaring engine sound (no...not from the posh hotels in marina bay area but from my TV)

What "Excitrifying" (exciting and terrifying) months...

Aug 08 - Exciting because of Beijing Olympics...

Sept 08- The finanical hurricane that caused several investment banks to vanish into thin air. Many were awaken to the fact that investing in complex products which they do not fully understand is dangerous and ANY investment comes with RISK.

Sept 08- The China Tainted Milk scandal. It has gotten from emphatising with those poor china babies inflicted with Kidney stones to fear of consuming dairy products from China.

So much is happening around us that, in the matter of a month's time, we realised that the finanical landscape has changed and we began to take notice of our food safety.

Oh, how i look forward to Christmas! I hope by then all these incidents will settle down. And the Economy will recover in time for a good year end party!

In the meantime, do pardon me for not updating regularly, as so much is happening around us, too fast and blog. It has been a good break actually (from blogging, not from work)

Oh, there goes the F1 cars again. to go! Till next time...


Xjion89 said...

hey thre, I bet u r super busy. Too many things happen in this few months. Anyway, take care. I am quite busy too(^^). hv a nice week ...

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