Thursday, February 28, 2008

FREE Search Engine Marketing tool

Web Traffic Tool/Method #3: FREE SEO Analysis Tool

In my research for Search Engine Optimisation, i come across this FREE marketing tool (at least for now) and i would like to share with you.
This tool is called MarketLeap and it has three main portion Link popularity, search engine saturation and Keywords verification. Of course FREE things come with limitation, you can only have a number keywords listed instead of the full range. But hey, who is complaining when it is FREE!

For link Popularity Check, you can benchmark against the gurus in your industry. For my experiment, i compare myself with Problogger and XiaXue (local blog queen in my community, in terms of web traffic). Hahaha, i am actually very proud that i am not that far off (according to the list that is). LOL.

You can also generate search saturation report, which in lay term means how easy people can find you via search engine according to the number of listing in the various search Engine.

Hope you will find this tool useful. Cheers!


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