Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Project Heavy Traffic Links

Project Heavy Traffic Links

Project Heavy Traffic has decided to launch Project Heavy Traffic Links.

I am going round inviting other bloggers to exchange links with me. I am now PR3 and has a technorati rank 0f top 6000 and technorati authority of 631. I want to build up my incoming links and hopefully help others to build up theirs too. I will be introducing interesting sites from the exchanges in my post .

To prove that i am serious, i have moved up my link section - Bloggers' Network and Blogroll on the top right panel - for the month of july.

Please help me to spread the words and put this request in your post if possible.

If you are interested to exchange links with me, please leave your blog URL in the blog comment. No political, profanity and porn sites please. Thanks. Once i have enough links, I will be categorising the links to make it more orderly and visible.

I will very much appreciate it if you could add the links of my bloggers' network on your site as well. Let's help each other to build up links.

You can experiment it too and you will be surprised to see there are many kind bloggers out there!

Cheers to greater traffic!


Fractional Ownership News said...

Hi there

You left a comment requesting link exchange on my blog - Fractional Ownership News

Let's do it!


entrepgirl said...

hi! sure we can xlinks. http://entrepgirl.blogspot.com

just msg me. thanks! :)

Ghatozkat said...

Hey I am Ghatozkat,

I am keen on exchanging links with you. Mine is www.BeginEarning.com .
After you put my link at your blog, I will keep yours on mine.


Joy0z said...

sure..just link me and I'll link you.

Shanti said...

Just replying to your comment, sure we can exchange links. I'll add u up

steph said...

I already added you on my blog at "http://ecelebs.blogspot.com" please add mine and name it "Celebrity Shots" thanks a lot!

vicy said...

Hello!!Thank you so much for visiting my page..I just added you to my blog as friend..Please link me back here..God Bless!!


Pinaymama said...

you left a comment for exchange links. And sure we can exchange links, heres my blog url's
Pinaymama's Diary
A Mother's Journal
Simple Life, Simply Me
Life Expressions
Asawa's Love Book
Pinay in States

Angelika said...

I'd love to exchange links:

vhiel said...

sure we can trade links...

Here are my blogs:

Can of Thoughts
Designs By Vhiel
Anything and Everything in Between
Vhiel's Corner

Let me know if you have added them so I can add yours. And please use the title of my blog as an anchor text.

BlogScope said...

Sure No Problem! Just add me up in here and leave me a message so that I can add you up also ok! this is the link: http://blogscope.info/


vicy said...

Done changing your url my friend..

ღ Joymhrdy ღ said...

just done adding your blog to my blog lists...

Pinaymama's Diary
A Mother's Journal
Simple Life, Simply Me
Life Expressions
Asawa's Love Book
Pinay in States

JesuLalaine said...

thanks for droppin by! I've added you already and here's my URL


MakeTraffic said...

Thanks Neil, entrepgirl, Ghatozkat, joy0z, shanti, steph, vicy, joy,Angelika, TC, vhiel, jesulalaine for the link exchange.

I have already added your links and left a message on your blog. Cheers!

fgfg said...

Saw your link and clicked on some of your ads. Please do the same http://projectheavytraffic.blogspot.com

John Elley said...

Thanks for requesting a link exchange.

I have 5 blogs and I added you to each one.


Thanks, John

Dji said...

hi! sure we can xlinks.

Eric Bonilla said...

No problem we can exchange links


MakeTraffic said...

Thanks fgfg, John, dji and eric for your kind response. I have aded your links. Cheers!

A Master Networker said...

"Rockin Good Idea"

Lets Do It!!


A Master Networker said...

It is a "Rockin Good Idea"..

but it works better when you remember to leave your url..


John.. (heading off to get my much needed cup of coffee)

MakeTraffic said...

Hi John, i have added your link. Cheers!

Sarah said...



SUre, let's exchange links! :)
I will add you to my blogroll.

Dan* said...

ok first u put my blog on ur site


Admin said...

you left a comment on my blog requesting for link exchange.

mine is
Title= Yukitee
URL= http://yukitee.blogspot.com

send me a msg after you've put the link.


Reflexes said...

great project!

you've been added...please link my blogs here too.

Collect and Connect

wayne23 said...

I have linked with your blog.
My link: http://wayne23.blogspot.com/

Dji said...

thanks...i already add u in my list...

jasperjugan said...

count me in! :)

Dan* said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dan* said...

ok added u too ! thankx

Antone said...

Just added your link, appreciate if you do the same!

Hip 2 Da Game: http://allhiphopsports.blogspot.com/

BaLQiz said...

Hi, added yours in mine already! Cheers!

**"Liza"** said...

Hi Thanks by the way for leaving me a comment. Anyway I hope you dont mind me placing all my blog here.
My so called life
The Paper Vision
Beyond Being A mom

Anonymous said...

Hey there,

I found you on Michael's Big Money blog. Here is my link, www.iappraiseforyou.wordpress.com. I'm going to add you to my blog roll now.


qnotes.em@gmail.com (mindseye) said...

Hey, I am with quantumNOTES. Space Science Aviation Tech News and Random Thoughts.


Thanks for the addition!

yasser esmail said...


nice blog my dear

i hope to you more success

pls visit my blog at



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