Saturday, November 10, 2007

Foodcourt and Web Traffic

In Singapore, every shopping mall has a Foodcourt in it (not just because Singapore loves to eat). In fact, the neightbourhoold Malls depend on the Foodcourt to get much of their traffic. The Foodcourts, in my opinion are the actual Anchor of the mall.

The regulars will have to go to the nearby mall to eat (everyone has to eat) and after meal they like to shop (to digest the food better). They will then visit CD shops, departmental stores, computer and electronics stores, book stores etc. The Foodcourt, in marketing term is a foot-at-the-door concept. Some mall uses a specific theme, some mall like Centrepoint have an Anchor store, Robinson which provides good Sales and service.

Translate that to your web page or blog. What is your 'foodcourt' or 'Cinema' or the essential part of your site or blog that attracts visitors to come back again and again? Is it unique information, interesting product, special promotion or personality?

This post is dedicated to my favourite food blogger - Jean - A Great Pleasure


Jean Chia said...

hi MT! thanks for dedicating this post to me! you're so sweet fro remembering me.

For me, i don't visit a shopping mall because of the foodcourt. I visited the foodcourt because of the shopping mall. Maybe it's becasue in Malaysia, we have alot of restaurants or cafe on its own. If we want food, we go directly to that particular place.

Good question, MT! you really got me into thinking. What attracts my readers to come back again? i think it's because of the friendship we've built through our comments. :)

MakeTraffic said...

Hi Jean, Thanks for the info.

i totally agree, it is the friendship we've built in our blog community. Cheers!

BTW, I am building a sort of recommendation directory on the services available in Singapore and Malaysia. Will need your help on the info. Cheers!

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