Thursday, November 22, 2007

CartridgeFinder is a good find!

Have you ever had the experience of your printer running out of ink just when you are typing an important document? And when you rushed the computer store to buy an ink cartridge, you could not remember your printer's model or the specific type of ink cartridge to buy?

I have experienced the above frustration. I came across the Cartridge website and found that it has very user-friendly interface. You will be able to find which cartridges are required for more than 10,000 different models of printer, copier, and fax machines. The site also compares the best price on the selected product via's merchant listings. Let CartridgeFinder find the right Cartridge for you.

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J@n!ce said...

I've done this too & already get paid :)

Janice Ng

MakeTraffic said...

Hi Jan, you very good leh. I don't even know it ws a sponsored post until i start writing this. Cheers!

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