Sunday, July 22, 2007

Episode 23: Perhaps the most important web traffic rules/tools: Reciprocity

I found out while finding and trying methods to increase web traffic to this site is the fact that in the process of giving out traffic (i think i mentioned before), traffic really comes back (compunded and all)! It is the law of attraction...RECIPROCITY.

I am gathering all the statistics and will publish the top ten web traffic methods soon (based on feedbacks, comments, emails, and my own experience on this blog). And so far Blog communities RECIPROCITY rank very high! so stay tune...give me some time to compile as i am only a part-time blogger. lol.

I am also going to start to review blogs in my blog communities. To share some 'success stories' (not of the 'big boys' with mega traffic numbers) but of small site who has shown results by methodologically applying good techniques.

And the 1st blog i am going to review in my next post i chanced it while surfing the blogs in my bloglog. The blogger is an excellent example of one who knows how to use viral marketing (or tagging) effectively.

Who is the blogger? what is the blog about? why is it a success story? Stay Tune to the next episode of...Project Heavy Traffic.

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