Sunday, July 22, 2007

The 1st PHT success story is

ok ok. I can't stand the suspense...

The 1st Project Heavy Traffic (PHT) success story is

Janice posts every good content on parenting and is very good in viral marketing (some called it 'tagging'), i started visiting her site when the visitors count is only at under 500 and have been visiting the site regularly as she published interesting stories, event and even participate in viral marketing (tagging) which has propelled her blog traffic numbers (the counter now is over 3,000!). She has also won several blog awards (i wish i can also get some awards for my blog...all this hard work...*hint hint to my communities supporters*). And what is admirable is that she only started her blog in May 07 (according to her blog archive date). Congratulation, Janice!

Do visit her blog and find out for yourself why content and viral marketing is important. Do Bookmark her blog, she has the potential to become the next superstar blogger!

(i am creating a badge for the PHT success story blogger. very busy...stay tuned...for those who are interested to feature their blog in my review *for FREE* please email me at From time to time i will also review some affiliate marketing product/program.)

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Sweetpea said...

hi, dropped by thru janice's site. great info! :)

Dave Lucas said...

I agree! Janice has some great content! I hope you'll take a look at my blog,

scroll down to the post entitled "Ethical Blogging." Here's my "beef" with "viral marketing" - yeah you get hits and counter clicks but wouldn't it be so much better to have REAL readers? Viral is like making a music CD then giving thousands of friends money to buy your CD. Most couldn't care less for you or your music, so when you reach "Top 10" what does it really mean?

Jean Chia said...

hi there! glad you've found Janice. She is indeed a real miracle mom ,juggling between her sons/ family and this great blog she's authoring. :)

Mariuca said...

Love Jan and her blog! :)

J@n!ce said...

This is really puzzling me now. I left a comment but dun seem to be capturing. The last time I wrote a comment at nafa's site also din appear. What is happening... *sob*

You really caught me by surprise by this post. I really appreciate your effort :)
Btw, how come you din drop by to say "hi" to me when my counter was 500 then? I would have get to know a great friend earlier :)

Thanks for the link, I will do likewise :)

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