Sunday, February 24, 2008

Experimenting on SEO Keywords Part 1

Web Traffic Method #2: Alternative SEO Keywords

A week ago, i posted my thoughts on the Edison Chen scandal saga which is what blog is supposed to be - Thoughts to Blog.

I revised my post to include keyword tags for experimentation sake just to prove a point i wanted to verify for a long time.

Bloggers (including myself) are increasingly editing their posts carefully resulting in fewer ad hoc articles. This trend makes blogging closer to the main stream media. Some says this trend is worrying but that is another topic altogether.

After publishing the revised post, i received traffic from search engines from related keywords about the Edison Chen incident. It was despite the fact that i did not write at length about the saga, just my after-thoughts on the incident.

The following are some of my recent keywords search to my blog from search engines:

This one-time experimentation proves that (1) people loves scandal story (2) many bloggers use scandal related tags to 'enhance' their traffic even though it is not related to the content of their blog. I will not comment on whether it is right or wrong. Who am i to judge...

I guessed many of you already knew of the above facts and are not surprised at the above findings. I was just gathering small empirical data to show that this method (controversy aside) still works and alot of bloggers are doing it.

This blog, however, will not go that direction. Not because i think i am righteous but because i chose not to.


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