Wednesday, September 26, 2007

PageRank Explained

Wow! Times flies. It is my 89th post already! Thanks guys for witnessing the growth of my little web traffic project.

ok. Back to PageRank...

PageRank is one of the methods Google uses to determine a page’s importance.

It's "simple iterative algorithm"

PR(A) = (1-d) + d (PR(T1)/C(T1) + ... + PR(Tn)/C(Tn))

*PageRank or PR(A)

Here is a very good technical paper on PageRank.

PageRank Explained

Have fun reading... (OR you can skip the reading portion and goto the summary below)

Ok. Are you done reading? …you are still awake! Wow! cool…

For your easy reading, interesting points about the article are condensed below:

According to the equation:

Getting inbound links to your site is the only way to increase your site's average PR.

If you add pages to a site you're building the total PR will go up by one for each page (you have to link the pages for it to work), but the average is the same.

If you want to focus the PR into one, then you have to use hierarchical linking.

If you link outbound to other sites, your site's average PR will decrease. The degree of the decrease will depend on the quality of the linking.

Conclusion: PageRank is ONLY ONE OF THE METHODS to get high ranking in a Google search list. What is increasingly important to Google, however (as many evidence and people pointed out) is the text in a link's anchor which decides the relevance of the target page


·The original PageRank paper by Google's founders Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


The following are what i gathered from my PageRank/SEO research.

1. It has been said that a new site that is linked from a PR7 site gets crawled by the search engines within several hours and is indexed by Google within 24 hours. That explains why a new site can be popular literally OVERNIGHT!

2. If you are too liberal in exchanging links (especially site with PR zer0), the search engine will not see the website as a trustworthy and authoritative site and your site will suffer in PageRank!

true or false?

Monday, September 24, 2007

More Blog Awards for Project Heavy Traffic!

I got two awards at the same time! Double Happiness! I am so thrilled! *Jumping for joy*


The first award "You make me smile award" was awarded to me by Janice!
Actually Janice is the one that make me smile so i dedicate this award back to her as well.

For this award, I would like to pass it on to:
1. Janice (dedicate back to her as she makes me smile when my site was "unkindly" criticised by a certain Blogger.)

2. Marzie (for always cheering me on and having me in mind)

3. Winston (for always encouraging me)
...i always so happy and i have not thought of the entire list yet, will add it on soon


I was awarded the Blogging star by Marzie (gee...i never considered myself a star! I dreamt of beign a is like a dream comes true). Marzie is a kind and wonderful lady. Thanks Pal for the award. May God bless you abundantly!

...i am still thinking who to pass this to as those i wanted to award had this already...

Will update the list soon (as it is quite late already and the zzz monster is catching up on me)


Saturday, September 22, 2007

Celebrity Blogs & their PageRank

Recently, I watched a local TV programme on bloggers and their methods of getting traffic.

Some of the bloggers like XiaXue (I read her blog a few years ago and went back recently after the TV programme) is very controversial and likes to criticise other bloggers, celebrities, people (hmm...almost everyone under the sun).
Note: XiaXue is supposed to be the blog queen (read: star blogger) in our local scene.

I do not know whether this is her method of drawing traffic (by creating controversial topics) - which she denied flatly in the show, but i personally disagree with the method.

I also find her blog (honestly, not only her blog, many other blogs) uses (quite liberally) vulgar language to the level which i cannot accept.

Some of her post (to her credit), however (minus the vulgarity) is quite humorous.

Well, to each his or her own (style)...just my 2 cents worth of comments.

Anyway, back to my topic on SEO.

After the TV show, i began to research on some of these celebrity blogs (for the purpose of my SEO/Pagerank research). I presume that since they had media publicity, they would have the advantage of reach. The following are public info which you can key (the domain) into any pagerank checker and find the info easily. The following are just some of our local celebrity bloggers. Who are your celebrity blogger and what's their PageRank?

It seems XiaXue's pagerank is very good! I wonder why she didn't register her domain for her blog. Anyway, i hope you like this post and would appreciate any comments (note: Any vulgarity WILL be deleted. LOL) . Cheers!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) part 1

SEO is Search Engine Optimisation.

Alot of articles likes to sensationalise the term which is nothing more than how to get your site noticed by the search engine (with its algorithum). It is like maths or programming, once you know or guess the alogo then you can be in the game. The question is the criteria are never made known so it is everyone's guess...

For a start, (1) keywords are important. Thus making blog title important as it is the first thing that the Search Engine will pick up. You should make it a point to put the keywords in your content. Take note that you SHOULD NOT flood the key word to the point that disrupt your content. The Search Engine doesn't read the content! I don't think the AI is so intelligent as to interpret the level of interest of the content.

However, if you flood the key words in your post, the search engine will treat it as though you want to play tricks (Search engine is very sensitive in this and can be achieved by algorithem) and they WILL DISCOUNT your site to be an auto or spam site. You will not get the Page Rank you desire.

(2) Secondly, you have to register with the search engines (not only Google please) in the first place. You can see my earlier post on search engine registration. It is one of those first step that i took.

(3) As mentioned in my previous post, PageRank and Backlink count on Google only get visibly updated 3 or 4 times a year these days. So don't be dishearten that your pageRank is n/a or zero. It will come. Continue to build your SEO.

(4) It is a good (or rather a dream) to be linked by someone PR 4 and above. It will contribute to your "Trust and Authority" factor (read: to be linked by them means you deemed to be trusted). (That said, So can anyone with PR 4 and above link me please.)

I will continue to post more of my learning points in my next post. Till next time…

The PageRank Mystery

I am so encouraged by a recent comment by Bill!!!

I put it upfront because it contains important information about Google PageRank that i want to share with all of you!

I was wondering why all my SEO efforts did not work! Hopefully Time will tell.

I will share with you my journey in the next few posts! Cheers!

The comment
Bill Austin said...

"PageRank and Backlink count on Google only get visibly updated 3 or 4 times a year these days.You won't see them until after the next update.As long as you are not banned by Google, itappears to me that you have sufficient worthwhile links to get at least a PR3 and perhaps a PR4. In a stretch, they might call it a five but time will tell.What you need to build in order to create lots of traffic are Trust and Authority.I wrote an article on that which you can read and comment on here at my blog:Internet Marketing In 10 Letters"

Now the next question is how to increase "Trust and Authority"? I would appreciate your comments here.


Friday, September 21, 2007

What will you do if you have only 24 hours to live?

Dear all,

I believe all of you heard of the news of air crash again..earthquakes and floods occurs everywhere...Let us re-think about our life's current situation, what is our purpose? If we know that we have only 24 hours to live, will we live it differently? Will we still pursue the things we insist on doing? What's our life value?

What will you do if you have only 24 hours to live?

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Use your traffic for a good cause- Finding long lost sister

Dear readers, as requested by Nafa, please help a blogger named, Jackie Hooper, also known as Shinadea to find her younger sister whom she had not met for so many years.

----Start Of Article-----

Please spare some time to read this post that we have written on behalf of a good friend of ours in the blogosphere. By reading this post and spreading the word to the others around you, you could reunite two people who shared an extraordinary relationship. You could be the one to reunite two sisters.Her name is Jackie Hooper, also known as Shinade. Her biological mother was Maxine Soape, but a couple had adopted her. According to her, besides her mother, she also had a younger sister as a family member. Just like her, her sister, who was born in 1959 or 1960 and is three years younger than her, had also been adopted out to another couple, by her own paternal uncle.Both were born in the same hometown of East Texas, but are now being adopted by two different couples and have been separated since then. The sister is currently staying with her adopted parents in Pueblo, Colorado.Jackie has never stood a chance to watch her younger sister grow, and has never even known what her sister’s name is.As painful as it is to be worlds apart from your friends, it is even more painful to be worlds apart from your own flesh and blood. So readers, we hope that you can show some sense of empathy towards Jackie ‘Shinade’ Hooper who longs to rebuild her life with her younger sister whom she holds very dear in her heart throughout the years.

This is your chance to do something good for someone in our global society who is in need of our helping hands.

If you can provide any information about Jackie’s sister that would be able to assist Jackie in her search, we urge you to keep us in the loop or directly inform Jackie at her blog. Your liberality towards helping out in this search would be greatly appreciated by all of us here, but the one who would be most thankful to you is Jackie herself.A little kindness goes a long way. Readers, please show your compassion towards someone who wants nothing else but to reunite with her beloved younger sister once again. They share a strong kinship, and they deserve to be together till the end of time.

Please read this special message from our friend, Jackie, and start doing your part in finding her long lost sister.

"My only message would be that I would so like to have the opportunity to get to know her and her family. I know she has children also. And, that I love her even though I don't know who she is or where she is." – Jackie ‘Shinade’ Hooper


---End Of Article---

Friday, September 14, 2007

Project Heavy Traffic 2.0 Reinvented

Finally, I have my own domain !!!

Project Heavy Traffic 2.0 is launched!

I have decided to have 2 blogs for differentiation purpose.

One for fun lovers (this blog) and the other for serious readers

Please visit my new twin blog and leave some comments to initiate the launch!

i will post all the mime and tags in this blog but all the articles related to web traffic and SEO will be posted on both blogs.


Monday, September 10, 2007

The Magical Flying Carpet Ride!

One day came two magical beings
They came from faraway land it seems
At first I thought i was dreaming
Until they said they could grant me a wish
They came at the moment when i was sad
criticised by a certain someone
who thought my blog was a trash!
full of mimes and tags
I picked up my crashed ego
and rub on the lamp once more
i accepted the genies' wish
to have my dreams complete

So the story goes...

The mighty Genie King and the beautiful Genie Princess from the magical Land of Faraway have finally escaped the clutches of their Evil Master after being held captive for 1000 years! With the help of their trusty Genie Buddy, they are now flying away on their Magical Flying Carpet on a quest to redeem their souls for all the wicked deeds they were forced to do by the Evil Master!

Tonight, the two Genies have flown to your home and would like to safeguard it by giving you the Symbols of the Genies to ward off the Evil Master and his wicked ways! The genies are requesting you to put up their Genie Symbols and in return, you will be given one wish to do as you please! Remember, do not be greedy or unkind, evil or vengeful and be very careful with what you wish for! Once you have made your wish you can join the Magical Flying Carpet Ride!

***Start Copying Here***


1. Write a short paragraph about your visit by the two Genies and include a link to the blog that passed on the Genie Symbol to you.
2. COPY the Rules and ENTIRE List below and post it on your blog.
3. List down your wish.
4. Place your name below the last name on the list and pass on the Genie Symbol to at least 5 other bloggers.
5. Please put up either one (or both) of the Symbols of the Genies on your blog to show that the Genies have visited your blog. Codes are given below:

Genie Princess

Genie Princess

Genie King

Genie King

The Genie King, the Genie Princess and their trusty Genie Buddy have visited:

Mariuca would like to wish for success and fame.
Adrian would like to wish for good health and happiness.
Emila would like to wish for happiness and success.
MPG would like to wish for love and peace.
Bobby would like to wish for the powers of Superman and immortality.
Jean would like to wish for stress-free work environment and happiness.
Trinity would like to wish good health for Jan's brother & Yah & Wan & success.
Jesse would like a great isp and a Yummy box of chocolates.
Jay would like to wish for 10k visitors and readers per day.
Spiff, The Spaceman would like a billion US Dollars! (Am I being too greedy here?)
Rolando would like everyone’s hearts desire to come true.
Sam would like to wish for a happy & simple life and happiness to everyone.
Speedcat Hollydale would like a pet acorn monkey named "Monkee".
Joezul would like to wish for all to get their wish come true.
Promthep would like to be successful in everything.
kumo would like to wish everybody a better day every next day.
NAFASG would like to build a better community for everyone.
Levian would like to be happy always.
Apple would like to be slimmer.
Menopauseprincess would like peace, happiness, love, health & prosperity for everyone!
Morgan would like to wish for love, laughter, sunshine & blue skies for EVERYONE!!!
Kellie would like to wish for happiness & love to be bestowed on her family & friends.
LadyJava would like to wish for love, health, beauty and wealth for one and all.
Keeyit would like to wish for staying healthy and happily with family.
Colleen wishes everyone be well and happy.
Spookygrace would like to have a busy traffic and making money blog.
Janice Ng would like to wish for good health for his brother.
Nick would like to wish for a set of new running shoes!
Shinade would like to send love,peace,wealth & good health to everyone.
Cbenc12 would like to wish for health, happiness & luck for my family & friends & me too!
Paris would like to wish for more publicity! Hooyah! (taps swollen head).
Bokjae would like to wish for speedy recovery for j@nice's brother, yan and wan!
Giddy Tiger would like to wish for longer weekends and never-ending holidays!
Book Project would like to wish for total wealth minus one Solomons Wish.
Project Heavy Traffic would like to to create a toys and games empire one day & have the will to continue blogging.


Welcome aboard the Magical Flying Carpet for the Ride of your Life!

***End Copying Here***

We’d like to start off this Magical Flying Carpet Ride by passing the Genie Symbol to the following bloggers:

The diva

Saturday, September 8, 2007

PageRank Research 1

EzineBlog is a Google Page Rank 5 site, as well as Technorati Top 100 Most Popular Blogs and they have decided to give away free linkbacks to your site.

I have found EzineBlog.ORG to be a fun site that talks about everything from science to sports. What's more, if you review their blog, they’ll link to it and help increase your page rank!

While you’re at it you can browse through the 100% ad-free postings about current events, commentary from posters, and more. To join click here: Entertainment

Research on PageRank

I have decided to start my research on PageRank because of this: I found out I have the lowest PageRank available that is ZERO!
I did apply to list on Domz and submit to Google but don't know why still zero!
Instead of being dishearten, i WANT TO FIND OUT WHY!

Any good hearted bloggers can tell me why? Please share it in my blog for benefit of all.
MEANWHILE, i am determined to find out about PageRank!

If you have been following my post. Although, my traffic numbers dipped recently due to technical gitches, i found out to my delight, comments left on my blog have increased. A special thanks to my reader for patiently bearing with the loading speed to leave your precious comments. You will be glad to know that loading speed problem have been fixed!

I still want to retain my style while embarking on more SEO and improving PageRank. My blog buddy, bobby wrote a good article on this- Internet Blog Marketing. Please check it out!

Stay tune to my blog for more research findings and methods on PageRank! Cheers!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

PHT Poll - Appeal for votes!

I would like to appeal to my readers and blog communities for votes on your favourite web traffic method. Please refer to PHT poll- which is your favourite web traffic methods for more detail,

Thanks Jean, Sharon and Marzie, Winston, Karen for your votes!

ok. tally so far.

Viral marketing 3
Blog communities/ (Blog log) 3
Search Engine Opitimisation (SEO) 1
Giving out freebies 1

Reciprocal Linking 1
Blog Commentaries 1

First time visitors of my blog are also most welcome to vote.
Result is collated for the benefit of all. Thanks.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A prayer for our dear friend

One of our dear friends in the blogosphere, Janice's brother was admitted to the ICU and had to undergo a lung operation. He has already been transferred to the normal ward for recuperation, but the recuperation process is going to be a long and intricate one for him.

Let us all hope and pray that he will have a speedy recovery so that he can return to all his loved ones as a healthy and happy man. Readers, we urge you to send your thoughts and prayers for our blogosphere’s dearest friend, Janice, right here.

Janice, we will keep you and your brother in our prayer list. Be strong. All of us will continue to pray that your brother will be get well very soon.

Prayers For Janice Brother

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Jumping for Joy!

Wow! just when i thought it is going to be a low point of my blogging journey (ok.ok. i know it has only been less than 3 months) due to blog technical difficulties, writer's block, stressed from work (i did mention i am only a part-time blogger right?), exhaustion, procastination, dipped in web traffic because of reason 1 (see technical difficulties )

And when i check my blog today, i was surprised to see
1. I have been given 2 blog awards by Winston. Thank you Winston, you are such a pal!

*i am still jumping for joy*

2. My traffic reached the 5,000 visitors mark!

3. My Blog worth has increased!

4. There was a jump in the links to my blog (thank you guys for your support!)

5. Found out that my blog buddy, Bobby's blog is ok now and he left a comment on my blog!


ok now...time to pass it on. Let me enjoy the moment first... it is not very often that i received award (whether big or small i really appreciate it!)

For the 1st award

The recipient are...
Although some of them have received this award before*, i still want to dedicate the award to them as i really really like their blog!

1. Janice, from This is a Miracle! *
2. Jean, from A Great Pleasure! *
3. mariuca from mariuca
4. Bobby from revellian*
5. Karen of Waterlearner!
6. Sweetpea of Sweetpeamy!

I will update more here when i come across blog when i like (especially new bloggers- to encourage)

2nd Award

ok ladies first. For this next award, i will not repeat those who has won it before but i still have to mention that Janice, Jean and mariuca are in my list of star bloggers! although they have received this many many times!!!

The recipient are...

1. Lady nafasg from nafasg
3. BabyFiona of silver horse gunnysack

That's all for the moment, will update more in the future.

for the guys...

1. Bobby from revellian*
2. Winston from eatyourmaths (awarding back to you again cos you are awesome!)
4. The guys from nafasg

That's all for now, will update more in the future.
Lastly, my sincere gratitude for giving me so many awards even though this blog is less than 3 months old (no even qualify for PPP). So far (according to the award), I have been Nice, Certified (partner), Good (say no evil), Loved and AWESOME!
THANK YOU so much guys!!!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

PHT Poll - Which is your favourite web traffic method?

I hope you have read and implemented the "how-to-increase-traffic" methods posted in my blog. If not, you can click on any of the following links or browse through my blog archive.
I hope you find the information enriching thus far.

Which of the following is your favourite web traffic method (besides good content)?

1. Search Engine Opitimisation (SEO)
2. Viral Maketing (tag, mime, fav etc)
3. Forum posting
4. Blog communities/ (Blog log)
5. Classified Ads
6. Affiliate Programs
7. Reciprocal Linking
8. Writing Articles
9. Social networking site (Myspace, facebook)
10. RSS feed
11. Blog Directories
12. Blog Commentaries
13 Video marketing (like in Youtube)
14. Giving out freebies

The statistic would be posted here on this blog for you reference. Please support me by giving me your poll. Thanks

Sincere Apology- Traffic Breakdown

This blog has experienced some technical difficulties for the past week which have affected my loading speed. It has something to do with the template i am using. It has affected my traffic numbers. The numbers dipped last week.

Learning point: (Although this is quite obvious) Technical breakdown and slow loading speed DIRECTLY affect the web traffic. If you are intending to be a pro blogger, it is better to have your own domain. Please read my blog buddies blog post on this topic -> new bloggers new directions.

BTW, I have registered for wordpress for Project Heavy Traffic but still unsure on the migration as i would have to start my ranking building all over again (my Technocrati ranking will have to start from 0 again).

Maybe for experimentation (since this is the purpose of this blog), i will use the wordpress blog as a mirror. I will post my experience on which is a better platform. Alot of blogger says Wordpress but hey, i will test it myself and let you guys know. What do you think? To migrate or not to? Let me know your comments? Thanks.

My blog problem has since been fixed. Sorry to have caused any inconveience. Please continue to support me. Please let me know via comments or chatbox if you continue to experience problem in reading my blog.

Sincerely, Maketraffic

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