Saturday, January 26, 2008

5 Tips to increase keyword success

In my effort to increase organic (FREE) traffic from Search Engine, i have started a Keyword experiment. My experiment has yielded some success for me. I want to share my "secrets" with you here on PHT.


For keywords:
"Tips to Increase Website Traffic" - Project Heavy Traffic is on Page 2 of google search list

"Increase Website Traffic"
Project Heavy Traffic is on the top 11th page (not bad considering that there are millions of pages on this topic). Update 28 Jan 08- PHT made it to top 7th page!

Of course, these are just only two of the many keywords i have experimented on. Some niche keyword has yielded surprising result.

Want to know how to increase Website Traffic by using keyword? This is what i have gathered to achieve the above result. Although the list may look like just general guideline but if you follow it consistently, you can achieve the same result like my blog. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO SECRET ABOUT IT!


5 Tips to increase keyword success and attract Website Traffic :

1. Use the right keywords/phrases to attract your target customers.
Not sure what keywords to use? You can use the tool (currently free- read T&C before using) to research for the popular words for your blog.
2. Place the keyword in your blog post title.

3. Place keywords within the first sentence of your content.

4. Place keywords in web page Title and META tags (note: this is increasingly becoming obsolete as it is believed that this is not a priority of search engine anymore).

5. Do not paste keywords all over your blog, Search Engine will treat it as "Spam blog". All your efforts will hence be down the drain.

If you are using wordpress, you might want to consider this keyword pugin.
A WordPress Plugin for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

I still not found a good widget of this kind for blogger. Have you seen one? Please let me know.

To Blog traffic success! Cheers!


WaterLearner said...

Hey MT,

I am still no good with keywords. You have to teach me.

Meanwhile, check this out. You have been tagged:

MakeTraffic said...

Hi Karen, don't say teach lah. I am not a guru. LOL. Exchange pointers can. Will definitely do the meme. Cheers!

travel_with_love said...

i have the problem of promote my blog and increase the traffic. thanks for your information.

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