Friday, January 18, 2008

Are you happy?

One recent night, when i was lying in bed. Being over-worked and highly stressed, i could not bring myself to rest completely. A thought came to my mind.

Are you happy?

I have no answer. But at that moment, i sure was not. But WHEN i recounted the blessings that i have received, i should be happy.

Happiness is like a butterfly, the harder you chase, you will find that It will elude you.
You are not happy because you are not satisfied. You want more and more.

Happiness is short-lived if you keep pushing the limit. By saying "I must have this to be happy", you will never be happy. Because we have unlimited wants. Just look at the things you bought and stored away.

So, you want to be the manager then you will be happy? After that, what next? Senior Manager? Then Director? Then CEO? Where does it end? When can you be happy?

We must learn to set low target to be happy. It is in contrary of today's performance centric world. We must learn to delibrately bring ourself to being happy.

It is easier said then done. I have no answers. There are lots of self-improvement books that teach you to have positive attitude and throw at you buzz words like "Happiness is a choice". Perhaps the only person that is happy (laughing all the way to the bank) is the author of those books.

I just want to be happy. Happy to be in the moment.


Amel's Realm said...

For me, happiness is found in moments...and you've gotta spend time to cherish those moments...then you'll feel richer than ever! :-)))

For example: I'm healthy, there's no war right now, no oppression where I live...I have enough money to live, a warm bed and blanket...TV...and all the little things in life like watching a beautiful scenery, hearing your loved one say thank you...listening to your loved one's heartbeat...mmmm...knowing that my parents are alive and well...

OK now I'm rambling he he...

MakeTraffic said...

Hi Amel, i totally agree! Happiness is found in moments.
If we are always worrying about the future, we will not experience the moment. Cheers!

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