Thursday, January 17, 2008

PageRank Problem

I was relectant to admit it at first but my pagerank dropped from PR4 to PR0 even though i think i churned out better posts. My other blog buddies have also encountered this problem.

Not sure whether it had something to do with my paid post review. Anyway, as i mentioned before PageRank is only a tool. We don't know what are the actual criteria for its ranking. Although i did said it is a brilliant tool (see In Defence of PageRank). I am now not so sure after they revised the system. It is weird that some new and not-so-updated blog gets PR4 while established blogs dropped to PR0.

Surprisingly, i was not so bothered by it. I am sure if it is a good measurement system, my PageRank will come back soon. If it does not, it is alright by me. I will still write good posts and continue this project.

I will keep this original blog for a combination of posts (Web traffic, inspiration etc). I will publish in only Web traffic related posts.


J@n!ce said...

MT, sorry abt your PR. Mine is dropped from 4 to 0 since about 2 mths back I think. haiz... what to do? :(

MakeTraffic said...

Haiz...My sentiment exactly. i do not know how to get it back. but it does not matter now. I have got blog friends which are more important. Cheers!

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