Monday, January 21, 2008

What is Web 2.0?

ok. Time for me to get back to Web traffic issues, after writing a series of inspirational posts.


Everybody is talking about Web 2.0. With the increasing popularity of facebook, youtube, Digg etc, what is Web 2.0 to you?

Check out the meaning of Web 2.0 in wikipedia for those uninitiated.

Most of the focus on Web 2.0 are on the user driven content, interactivity and technology. My opinion is that Web 1.0 emphasized too much on web traffic.

A true web 2.0 commercial site should be one that focuses on conversion of web traffic to sales. After the dot com bubble bust, many new online businesses still do not understand that Sales is all that matters not Web traffic.

This blog focuses on the first part- Getting the web traffic but aims to achieve a working formulae of the later.

Food for thought: What is Web traffic to you if it is not targetted and convertable to sales?


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