Tuesday, November 20, 2007

In Defence of PageRank

Many Bloggers have a love-hate relationship with PageRank. From technical and academic aspect, i think the idea behind PageRank is pure brilliance! It is the random probability of a surfer visiting a web page. Since the advent of Internet, many people were trying to sort and provide a meaningful listing of web pages besides just bookmarking and creating favourites list. Then came indexes and directories. Yahoo is the most famous of them all.

For many years since the inception of google, researchers and scentists have been looking for ways to rank the importance of a web page. Google adopted a ranking system and filled the gap at the time when other search engines faltered. When you key in a search, established web sites appears on top of the list instead of pages which merely contain the keywords. This is the magic of PageRank- it enables accurate and relevant searches. With that, it also changes the whole online advertising landscape.

PageRank is a good system but like any system it has to improve with time. We, on the other hand, should not lose our unique characteristics and value-addedness in pursue of high PageRank. Maintain an interesting blog or site, be friendly and i believe PageRank will follow.

Just think of PageRank as a tool to improve Internet search rather than just a ranking ladder in which we must climb.


mr fong said...

Yup, indeed. PageRank good is good, but we must also put writing well, friendship, and happiness in blogging rfirst, then PR sure follow. Of course, we must be quite conscious of the factors soon ;)

MakeTraffic said...

Hi Winston, totally agree! Just thought i include some history of PageRank for everyone's reading pleasure! Glad you like it!

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