Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ode on Solitude - a poem by Alexander Pope

How happy he, who free from care
The rage of courts, and noise of towns;
Contented breathes his native air,
In his own grounds.

Whose herds with milk, whose fields with bread,
Whose flocks supply him with attire,
Whose trees in summer yield him shade,
In winter fire.

Blest! who can unconcern'dly find
Hours, days, and years slide swift away,
In health of body, peace of mind,
Quiet by day,

Sound sleep by night; study and ease
Together mix'd; sweet recreation,
And innocence, which most does please,
With meditation.

Thus let me live, unheard, unknown;
Thus unlamented let me die;
Steal from the world, and not a stone
Tell where I lie.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I Fall at Your Feet

I Fall at Your Feet
by Ronnie Liew

You are my covering
In you I have everything
You are all that I am
My world is complete.

How precious your offering
Is not about what I can bring
Is your sacrifice that has brought me in
Into the Holy of Holies .

I fall at your feet
Declare you are my King
I cast my cares before you
Your peace shall reign in me.

I fall at your feet
Declare you are my King
I live my life in worship
Your grace abounds in me.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Have you wondered why you can't seem to appreciate others? You are thorny and people seems to get on your nerve?

You cannot appreciate others until you are at peace with yourself. You may be hindered by past rejections, failures and anger that is still dwelling within you.

Pray for God to release you, from your past mistakes and guilt. To release you for joyful obedience.

First, Appreciate what God has done for you instead of comparing with your neigbours. Paul in his letters started by giving thanks to God despite his situation. Have you ever wondered how he is able to ask churches to walk with God even though he himself was imprisoned? Have you wondered the impact of his letters even though he is confined with four walls. God works through us despite the situation that we see.

Next, Start today by Appreciating the little things those around you have done for you. Say thank you or write a card (very rare nowadays with the advent of email and sms). A simple " i appreciate it" goes a long mile. Without you knowing, you are letting God's light shine through you.

In Time of Weakness

We should actively observe the times of weakness of the people around us, not for the purpose of exploiting them but to give them support.

They will be tensed up, depressed and subjected to all kinds of negative thoughts.

For it is In time of weakness that they needed the support most.

In granting support, we should not show superiority but in a meek and earnest tone, from God's love.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Persist in His Strength

Through the Word and prayer, our spiritual life is strengthened.

The people who know their God will firmly resist [the enemy].
- Daniel 11:32

The Lord delights in those who fear him, who put their hope in his unfailing love. - Psalm 147:11

Be filled with the Spirit

Are you losing your strength to continue...

Ephesians 5:18, "Do not get drunk on wine... Instead, be filled with the Spirit."

When a person is drunk with wine, he is under the control of that wine. Paul says to be filled with the Spirit, so we can be controlled by the Spirit. As we walk in obedience to the Word of God--submitting ourselves to the Spirit's control and yielding our will to Him day by day--we are walking by the Spirit's power.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Where is God in your heart?

It always happen...just when we want to trust the Lord and proclaim His lordship in our life, trials set in. It is will be in the form of pride, envy, busy schedule (the wanting to do more).

Pride and envy because it always seems that others is doing better than you. "Luckier" it seems. And because of that, the wanting to do more, to prove to others and perhaps truely yourself, that you have what it takes to make it too. Make it to what? the foundamental question is what matters to you.

Of course, we will be a liar if we deny the fact that material/emotional needs (having wealth, to retire early, choice of doing what we wanted); do not matters to us. Since we are living in a physical world where we are constantly in need of goods and services, we cannot be detach from money.

But all this chasing makes people lose their direction. Many are merely "floaters". Floating from schedule to schedule, month to month and year to year.

Where is God in your heart? Only when you need his blessings and protection?

Is He charting the direction of your life?

By letting Go and Letting God chart our life, we have to drop our control.

Our control of the situation, our control to justify everything in our life, our control to compare...By Letting Jesus be the Lord of our life means we have to lose our pride and envy.

By trusting in Him means trusting in His purpose which we will sometime never understand. Why He put us in a certain place and allowing certain things to happen. Why some people are more successful than us. By letting Him be King, we have to drop our 'Why'. We never ask a King why? We just obey knowing that all things work for good to those that love the Lord because He is a good Lord and King.

Not everything will work out the way you plan. Not even when you tried very hard.
We know who is in charge. God.
We know that He will chart out something good in your life if you let Him and not tried to change the course yourself.
We know that He will not test us beyond what we can bear.
We know by hiding his words in our heart we can resist those thoughts plant by the evil one.
We know that by praying, we are reaffirming that HIs will be done.
We know that by trusting in Him and not situation, He can lead us out of the wilderness. walk by faith and not by sight.
We know that we are loved by Him and are called to love.
We know that fear has no place in our heart, only love.
We know that we are the salt and light of the world and he has placed us for His purpose. He has a purpose for our talent no matter how limited it is.

We have to Let Go,Trust,Obey,Exalt,Meditate His Word,Give Thanks and Love.

Are we doing it?

Thursday, July 30, 2009


"The brief sum of life forbids us the hope of enduring long"

They are not long, the weeping and the laughter,
Love and desire and hate:
I think they have no portion in us after
We pass the gate.
They are not long, the days of wine and roses:
Out of a misty dream
Our path emerges for awhile, then closes
Within a dream.

By Ernest Dowson (1867-1900).

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

King of Hearts

Others think "that's it" for you, they think that you are stuck in your weakness. they are looking from human's angle.You think that you can't be changed, you are looking from human's angle.
From His angle, you are perfect in his love and will.
From His angle, all things are possible.

Do not look that your own situation, lest you get swallowed within.
Look at God's love.
If you can't love, ask Him for the indefinite capacity to love.
For by ourselves, we do not have the ability to do.
We are selfish being, tainted by sin.

Exalt the Lord!
If you find yourself still wondering in the desert,
ask yourself...have you love the Lord with all your heart.
You said you do but have you?
Do you feel what he feels? Are you rooted in His words?
Only by abiding in His words can you firmly resist. it is the ONLY way.
Have you wondered why you keep failing? Going spiritually up and down like a roller coastal ride. Have you tried being rooted in His words.

Is Lord Jesus the King of you heart? Do you have enough room for him.
Ask for His love so overflowing that it pushes out all fears, anxiety, insecurity...

There is Hope. Start by reading His words every day no matter how tired you are. For not only do you need physical food you too need spirtual food. Pray everyday, for we need to talk to Our heavenly Father. We need we know His heart and then slowly He will reveal to us His Will when we Trust and Obey.

Pray for the Holy Spirit to help you and guide you.

Ask for Wisdom for the Lord said whoever lack Wisdom, ask.

When you are incapable to love, ask for larger capacity to love.

Stop running in the wilderness anymore and come back to His words. There is no stronger shelter and only His word can quench the real thirst.

Is Jesus the King of your Heart Today and Everyday?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Lord My Life

Jesus My Lord My Life
by Ronnie Lew

You take my hand
And lead me to Your side
Your warm embrace
Sets my heart on fire

You are my shelter
God of all wonders
You are the Hero of my life

I live for You
The Savior of my life
Your love for me
Is wider than the skies

You came for me
Your life for mine
When I couldn't save myself

You bore my pain
My sin my shame
Jesus my Lord my life

Song Melody:
Jesus my Lord my Life - NCC

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I am held by Your love

I'm held by Your love,
Upheld by Your strength,
On Your shoulders You bore me,
By Your faith I stand,

Cherished by You, Lord,
Treasured in your sight,
So close to Your heart,
Held firm in Your hands.

So awesome is Your love,
So mighty is Your hand,
On eagle's wings You carried me,
Your grace shall be my strength…..

So perfect is Your love,
You sacrificed Your Son!
Amazing love reached out to me,
With joy to You I come.

Not by my wisdom,
Not by my strength,
Gently You guide me,
Lead me by hand.

Total surrender, Jesus I am Yours,
Now and forever,
In Christ, I now stand.

So awesome is Your love,
So mighty is Your hand,
On eagle's wings You carried me,
Your grace shall be my strength…..

So perfect is Your love,
You sacrificed Your Son!
Amazing love reached out to me,
With joy to You I come

The melody:

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Why are you so downcast, O my soul?

Why are you so downcast, O my soul?

Why so disturbed within me?

Put your hopes in God,

for I will yet to praise him,

my Saviour and my God

Friday, June 5, 2009


When i feel like i am a failure,
Lord, you whisper to me
that you have created me for a purpose,
for you Will and your Glory.
Nothing really matters besides you.
All human emotions are tainted with sin and are unreliable.
Ignore the noise and distraction of the world
to do your Will.
Please reveal to me, your plans for me.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mid Year Review

I reviewed my resolution and found that i did not live up to most aspect as plan.
It is because i rely too much on my own strength.

Apart from God, I can do nothing


10% of life is made up of what happens to you. 90% of life is
decided by how you react.


Lord, if moving the mountain is not in your will, give me the strength to climb it.

In pursuit of God

I have decided to embark on the path in persuit of God. I will try to update my struggles in a short bloglets (no i don't use twitter, i find it quite burdensome to update all my movements). I want to use this as an avenue to note down my journey so that when i looked back, i can say that God is indeed good to me. Not that he wasn't but it is just that Man is forgetful. God has always been good to me.

Monday, March 16, 2009

But I know Who holds tomorrow

I don't know about tomorrow,
I just live from day to day.
I don't borrow from it's sunshine,
For it's skies may turn to gray.
I don't worry o'er the future,
For I know what Jesus said,
And today I'll walk beside Him,
For He knows what is ahead.

Many things about tomorrow,
I don't seem to understand;
But I know Who holds tomorrow,
And I know Who holds my hand.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Tomorrow it may change

We are struggling to face tomorrow in the midst of this financial crisis. This song describes how some of us may feel now. As we try to reason with ourselves, take heart that there is Hope!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A better tomorrow

When you flip the newspaper in the morning, you will be greeted with news of economic gloom and doom. Your heart will sink further and whatever hope that is remaining will falter day by day.

Everyone seems to be waiting.

Waiting...for the economy to recover.
Waiting...for companies to stop retrechments.
Waiting...for a good time to enter into the stock market.
Waiting...for the stock market to rise.
Waiting...for any good news.
Waiting...for a good deal. do the things they want but are worried about the foreseeable future

It is like everyone is holding their breath.

Hoping that it is a bad dream and that it will go away quickly.
Hoping that the next retrenchment will not happen to them.
Hoping that the company they worked for will not go bankrupt.
Hoping that they will once again be able to spend on those things they like.
Hoping that they can start to dream again.

In the midst of waiting and hoping for a better tomorrow, life still goes on.

There are still births and deaths.
There are still love one to treasure
There are still work to be done.
There are still chores to be completed.

Are we losing hope or direction? Choose to focus on things you like and people you love rather than the economic gloom and work problems. Take this moment to prioritise. Many People, including myself have be racing so fast this few years to seriously reflect, prioritise and (most importantly) take action.

We can choose to sigh everyday and wait OR
We can choose to live and enjoy every moment, take each task when it comes (in stead of worrying) and face the problem in stride.

Because we know that all these will PASS and we WILL have a better tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Business Gem: Warren Buffett's Advice

I got this from a friend. Not sure of the source though so take it with a pinch of salt.

Spending: If you buy things you don't need, you'll soon sell things you need.

Savings: Don't save what is left after spending; spend what is left after saving.

Hard work: All hard work brings profit; but mere talk leads only to poverty.

Laziness: A sleeping lobster is carried away by the water current.

Earnings: Never depend on a single source of income.

Borrowings: The borrower becomes the lender's slave.

Accounting: It's no use carrying an umbrella, if your shoes are leaking.

Auditing: Beware of little expenses; a small leak can sink a large ship.

Risk-taking: Never test the depth of the river with both feet.

Investment: Don't put all your eggs in one basket.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Business Gem 1

I read with sadness that businesses are suffering during this economic crisis period.
Instead of focusing on the gloom and doom, I am starting a new section called Business Gems.
I hope to jot down my thoughts or good ideas i have found on surviving this crisis.
It also acts as a reminder to myself.

Business Gem 1

Your customers face new problems,
so give them new solutions.
No matter what business you're in,
you can redefine value for the customer.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year, New Beginning

A new year, a new beginning. I am actually tired of making resolution list but God has shown me that he is weaving me together, bit by bit.

Life is a journey, it is not a cliché, but a profound truth. I know why i am still struggling to match the resolution list. It was because for the past year, i have not (yet) yield completely to Him. He has not given up on me (although i am tired of myself and my stubborn way). Because Life is a journey, a journey that i have to travel with Him.

The finanical tsunami caused by excessive consumerism and leveraging this year caused me to reflect on many things.

For 2009,

1. I want to dedicate this new year to God and spend more time with Him. I want to dedicate all my goals to Him and let Him direct my goals and my path according to His will.

2. I would like to focus more this year on the "Have"s rather than the "Have-not"s. It is easier said than done. But to look internally , to treasure and to give thank for the things that God has blessed me rather than to look at those things that others have.

I may not have gotten the COE at $2. I may not have bought my airticket at the cheapest price. I may not have that high flying job. I may not have that fancy car and house.

but i have what i have and i know i have been blessed.

3. I want to exercise more and start to control my diet. As one of my blog friends stated "Eat with less consideration for pleasure, with more awareness for health".

4. I realised that human relationship are not dependent on "chemistry" or "Charisma" but it is a result of hard work.

I want to work hard at all my relationships (family members, at work place and friends etc). It will be hardwork and i have to be prepared that not all will be reciprocated. I should not expect it. I want to be kinder, more tolerant, talk less and therefore judge less.

5. I want to smile more this year.

6. I want to believe.

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