Saturday, August 25, 2007

Criteria for "How much is your blog worth"

You would have guessed it if you follow my blog post:

My blog is worth $7,339.02! how much is your blog ...

I can't find any criteria listed on the "How much is your blog worth" page or anywhere on the web. From my experimentation, the criteria for "How much is your blog worth" are:

1.Technorati Favorite score
2.Technorati Blog Reactions
3. How many links to your blog

As you can see, Technorati ranking is important here since the "worth" program is based on Technorati API.

I was able to raise my blog "worth" from zero in a week via the help of my blog buddies and friends (they add me to their Technorati fav and tags). To them, i dedicate this post. Read the full story here .

If you are interested to raise your blog "worth" beyond zero value, you can apply the techniques explained here

I am on technorati-train, R U?
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