Sunday, August 26, 2007

Use your traffic for a good cause- Finding a friend

I have just received the following badge from NAFA!

THANK YOU! I love the badge and have displayed proudly on my blog side bar. Thanks for being such good blog buddies to me.


Now is a good time to use your traffic for a good cause. Please use your traffic to help someone find her long lost Best Friend:

As mentioned by Bobby in his post reality niche this and Nafasg's Blogging Etiquettes, all 'Novice' and 'Not-so-Mega bloggers' should unite together and create this formidable force for a) Good cause (b) Postive product review/endorsement (c)Blogging direction etc. Together we are larger than a single superstar site! That's the theory behind the Social Networking sites which the Big Brother companies are so interested to acquire.

As requested by Nafa, i have extracted the following article from Nafasg. I am a proud supporter and affiliate of Nafa blog.

------start of article--------

We hope that you can spare some of your time reading this article. It would mean a lot to one of our good friends in the blogosphere, if you can help her in this.Our good friend named Sandy is currently searching for a person whom she had always regarded as her best friend. They were very close to each other, until a conflict between them arose. Ever since then, both of them lost touch of each other.It has been nine long years since they last communicated with each other, and Sandy is deeply affected by her best friend’s absence. Her greatest wish right now is to reunite with her best friend and be close to her like before.


Her best friend’s name is Judy Sanford and is staying with her husband named Mike. According to Sandy, she was last found to be staying in California. Whether she is still staying in California or not is still a question mark. But you could be the person to answer the question!If you happened to know Judy and her whereabouts, kindly inform us or inform Sandy directly via her blog. Even if you have never heard of Judy, you can still do your part by spreading this heartfelt message via your blogs.Your immediate response to this message is greatly appreciated. What we are doing may be something small, but if all of us can put our hands together and be part of the search, it can bring two best friends together again after nine long years.Sandy, please be strong in going through this obstacle in your life. Have great faith that miracles can happen, always look on the bright side of life, and believe that your long awaited wish could come true. We are here for you and will do our best to help you.

Judy, if you are reading this, please contact Sandy as soon as possible. She really misses you and wants to make up for the lost times. Let bygones be bygones. Hope that you will reciprocate Sandy’s feelings as soon as you can.

------End of article--------


NAFASG said...

Hi MT, thank you for your support.

We, at NAFA applaud for who you are for taking serious consideration when mentioned by Bobby in his post that bloggers should unite, yes UNITE together.
You are one of a few, MT.

We are really glad and very proud having you as our friend in the blogosphere.

Let's hope that sandy is able to find her friend with your contribution to the article.

Thank you so much for your kind contribution.

May your goodwill and kindness be repaid someday.

Warmest Regards,

MakeTraffic said...

Thanks Nafa for your kind comment! I am proud to be your partner and friend too!

i am just doing my part and adhering to my belief. Hope Sandy is able to find her friend. Glad i can be of help. Cheers!

NAFASG said...

Hi MT,

Thanks for linking our blogging etiquettes tips.

We can't thank you much for your kind wonderful support.

Have a nice day.
keep in touch my friend.

Warmest Regards,

MakeTraffic said...

Hi Nafa, you are most welcome!

Mariuca said...

MT! Congrats on being NAFA's certified partner, so now u have 2 awards for ur blog, great job! :)

Mariuca SEO Traffic

WaterLearner said...

Hi MT!

Congrats on being a NAFASG Cert Partner!


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