Thursday, August 30, 2007

The 7P Mime much for vision. Moving on...


I have been tagged by my good blog buddy mariuca on 7P (no not an improved version of the marketing 4Ps). Here goes!

Passion: still searching...

Purpose: To be a better son, husband, father and friend (it's true. It is in my new year

Pursuit: Spiritual growth, Family, Health, Money (i am reluctant to put the last one. But somehow in this world, it is inevitable since most things need $)

Position: I want to own my own toys and games empire one day! (in the pipeline. start smll first. coming soon. Akan Datang... )

Pummelling: Procrastination definitely!

Progress: Progressing well though not as fast as i like it to be as life always throw things to distract you from your goal (not sure whether you have experienced it before)

Personality: Friendly, Creative (not the artistic kind. But in ideas) and Empathetic

ok. That's my 7P. Cheers!

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