Thursday, April 3, 2008

The missing step B

One of my friends has asked me why do i detail my struggles in attracting web site traffic, in my blog. It does not make my site "sounds" professional.

"Just post the good news" he said.

I told him i am not an expert (yet) and there are many so-called "Expert" site out there that declared that they had tripled their web site traffic in a very short time but did not reveal the process. They merely listed down the general methods which could be found all over the internet. Hey! we want to know the real secrets!

It is like saying "I get from A to C". Great! so where is the step 'B'? What happened? What were your struggles in getting there?

This site is (at least trying very hard to) detailing the journey not just the result. You can actually trace back my posts to see where you are now (if you are starting out) and how i get to where i am now (which is not THERE yet by any Expert standard). But at least i am applying what i have gathered and learn and you can witness the live result in this blog.

The step B.


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