Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Death of a blogger

There was a report in our local newspaper about deaths of the two bloggers which shocked me.This news brings me down to earth in the midst of my chasing for search engine ranking and web traffic numbers.

Weeks ago, two technology bloggers- Mr Russell Shaw and Mr Marc Orchant died of heart related problems. Many professional bloggers were pressured to write and come up with fresh content to earn more. This is in the effort to be the first to break the latest news and drive massive traffic to their site. Traffic drives advertising revenue.

This is a worry trend. There is nothing wrong with increasing website traffic and earn extra income but to do so at the expense of health, it is simply not worth it!

There is an underlying danger of prolonged hours of blogging. One gets addicted to it! (read my article on Blogging can be as addictive as Role Playing Games ). The push is even more when they are paid to do so.

The Death of 2 prolific bloggers reminds us not be too caught up in this man-made game. Breakneck speed is not sustainable. Again, do all things in moderation!


bokjae said...

Timely reminder! As in all things excesses will have its consequences! That is why our Lord firmly remind us to have a day of rest! Thanks for sharing and my condolences to the passing away of two fellow bloggers!

MakeTraffic said...

Hi bokjae,
I totally agree. Unless we slow down our pace and take a step back, we will always be caught up in chasing for things that we missed the bigger picture. have a nice weekend! Cheers!

Jean Chia said...

hi MT, that's really a sad case. My condolences to the both bloggers. I hope this will serve as a reminder to us all. :) Take care!

MakeTraffic said...

Hi Jean, me too. this incident makes me sad but an important wake up call.

Thanks for poping by.
Have a nice weekend.

Armil said...

Condolence for the families and friends of the 2 bloggers who passed by. This would be a great lesson of reminder that "Health is Wealth" and never be a vice versa.

How could we enjoy our millions if we sacrifice our health to the extent of losing our life?

It also reminds me to keep on a regular exercise and get a good sleep at night as well as eat nutritious food.

MakeTraffic said...

Thanks armil for your visit and comment. You are right! Health is Wealth. It is a reminder to all of us to live a well balance life. Have a nice weekend!

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