Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Babies do not come with manual!

I apologise for not blogging lately. I have been spending much of my free time recently with my son.

I wish there is a manual for parenthood. But babies do not come with manual.
Sure, there are self-help books out there but they are not quite the same when it comes to the real thing.

Infanthood is alright (on hindsight), thanks to my super duper wife and mum-in-law.
Toddlerhood, well, that is a different game altogether...

When my son found mobility, he seems to discover a whole new world, everyday.
He will run, skip, climb to anything thats catches his attention.

He will mess up the living room (i can't call it a designer room anymore), spill milk all over it (intentionally and unintentionally), crumble my newpaper while i am reading it etc

And i can't even watch TV anymore! There are only 2 programmes on my TV - High 5 and Barney. Although i try to reduce TV hours for him slowly (those who are parent will know the immediate effect of stopping them of something they like)

I, on the other hand, have to be super alert to prevent him from falling and trying very hard not to hinder his process of discovery and adventure (everyday IS an adventure for me)

No body tells me enough what to expect! Not even those self help parenting books (which some gives good advice). Every child is unique! That is why there is no standard manual or handbook.

My friends asked me to detail my experience in a notebook. I can't! Everyday is different!

Everyday is a journey of FUN! (did i mention the word- tired...) It is a joy of witnessing and being with your child as he grows up everyday.


Livvylove said...

Good luck with the baby, even though they make a big mess they grow up so fast so enjoy every moment you have with them.

Mariuca said...

He he your son sounds like Dennis the menace lol! Have fun with your baby boy this weekend MT! :)

MakeTraffic said...

Thanks Livvylove for your encouraging comment. I am enjoying every moment with my son. I do not want to miss any part of his growing up. Cheers!

MakeTraffic said...

Hi Marzie, not so bad as Dennis the menance lah. In fact, i think he is an angel to me. Every child just want to play and have fun. It is part of their growing up. Have a good weekend too! cheers!

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