Monday, November 5, 2007

5 ATTITUDES in making your blog successful

I am going to publish my Blog theories on my subsequent posts.

If you want to jump start your new web site, it is good for you to have a link back from sites which have high PR, you not only benefit from the flow of traffic but the search engine will also treat your site as trustworthy and grant you instant PR. It is true. Not a myth any more. (read my post Pagerank Facts or Fictions? ) I have done it myself.

As you already know, I have registered my own domain for For full story read Project Heavy Traffic 2.0 reinvented)). I placed a link back of my new blog from this blog and the last time i checked, it has achieved a PR of 3 in a shortest possible time. Of course this is also not possible without huge support and link backs from my blog communities.

That proves there is a method out there. The question is how to get others link to you? The simplest way is be yourself, be sincere. Another good way is through blog directories (please read my previous post for more methods) . I am not really there yet. I started this blog from scratch. My wish is to have some big boys link to me. it is not easy. Hence i decided to make traffic instead.

Below are the 5 ATTITUDES (i will keep to 5 , easy to read and remember) in making your blog successful. These are my insights i have gathered through my research, which I am still striving to achieve.

1. Be Sincere.
Sincerity and friendship must be invested. A good example is my friend Janice's blog whose blog traffic and links is increasing by leaps and bounds.

2. Focus
I believed in niche marketing. Focusing on a particular area makes you spend time and effort on it and eventually makes you a sort of specialist. If you put your time into something (e.g. Hobby) wouldn't you excel in it. Be it fishing, golf, sports etc. Dare to be different. Find something you like and drill into it. Research and do not be afraid to share. Sooner or later, people will be attracted to your site. One day, you might be an expert in your field. It will stand out from the rest of the millions of site out there. As the value of the blog is increased so will the traffic.

3, Interest.
You must have an interest in whatever you are writing. Be it parenting or photography. If not, one day the well will runs dry and the blog will not be sustainable. Blog is a reflection of your interest. Blogging for interest (and not for money) should be the main motivation. The rest i believe will follow. Don't get me wrong, i believe in the commercialisation aspect (it is still a long way). Interest sustain the writing and traffic will follow.

4. Hardwork
Blogging is hardwork. If you see a fellow blogger, give them encouragement from time to time. I wish blogging platform has feature like giving 'Hi 5' similar to the one in the facebook. Traffic will reduce or stop if the blog has few or no new posts. I was away for business trip recently and my web traffic drop quite alot. Fortunately, i have a bunch of 'diehard' blog buddies that is supporting me. Hardwork, little by little can make a blog successful. If at first you don't succeed, try and try again (in includes exprementing on themes, skin, header, design, post, adverts, PageRank etc).

5. Be humble
Blogging is fun and should be interactive. It is the main component of Web 2.0. I hold the attitude that i am not an expert and the readers out there knows more than me. This type of continuous learning will sharpen your knowledge and expertise and the interaction makes your blog better and more interesting. Even if you are an authority, having an open mind will broaden the horizon.

Next topic, Consumer nowadays do not wait for new products, they sought out information on new products via the Internet. Is Blog advertising the future?


Adrian said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
J@n!ce said...

MT, congrates to your PR :)

Thanks for the mention there too... hehe ;p

Janice Ng ~ invite friends ~ get paid

Trinity said...

MT, congratulations for your 100th post, your PR4 and thanks for the award!

Trinity from Rooms of
My Heart

WaterLearner said...

Hi MT!

You are back with a vengence huh! Indeed these are criteria for a successful blog!

MakeTraffic said...

Janice: Thanks! You are most welcome!

Trinity: Thanks! Hope you like the award.

Karen: Indeed! i am back with more drive and energy! I will do more of the blog marketing theme in the subsequent post. I am glad you like my post. It mean alot to me. Cheers!

mr fong said...

I agree 100%. I think my blog v low-rank.. Haha nvm. It is ok as long as i know many friends' blogs like urs...You work very hard, do take care!!!

MakeTraffic said...

On the contrary Winston, I think your blog has the potential and it is linked to what you are doing. You worked hard too and the traffic of your site has shown it. Yes, it is the friends that we met in our bloggers' community that is indeed invaluable and cannot be measured! Cheers!

Shueqry said...

Hi, how are you? Shueqry here..

I just found this blog and currently i'm looking for another traffic strategies that i can learn and use.

Yup, that is true, blogging is a hard work, but is was also enable us to have some fun. I have a huge passion in writing. I'm not from a English spoken family, in the moment i'm really work hard in improving my English.

I blog in Malay language about motivation, personal improvement and mind matters.

I remember Corey Rudl says, when you become an expert in something, opportunities will show up, especially Internet traffic!

Good info, thank you.


MakeTraffic said...

Hi Shueqry,

Thanks for the visit. I agree. Need both Passion and hardwork to make a blog successful. Glad you like the post!

Wish you success in blogging. Do visit often and share your strategy here.


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