Saturday, November 24, 2007

Review Advertlets!

I signed up with Advertlets as a way to monetize my blog. I heard from fellow bloggers that Advertlets is fast and prompt and the service professional. So far it's policy and response has been fast and transparent. To me, this is more important.

Of course, I hope to continue getting such reputed service from Advertlets. so far i have been receiving many online advertisements and the payout is encouraging, considering that i am not yet a celebrity or star blogger (one day...). Advertlets has been delivering as promised to make Blogger happy+money! With such support, i will definitely work hard to increase my blog web site traffic. In hokkien, "Ai Pia char ae ya" (translated to English: Hardwork will lead to success)
Advertlets' dashboard panel is also very user friendly. I hope that Advertlets can organise some big advertising campaign and broadcast on over our blogger network soon.

With so many on-line advertising providers to choose from, advertlets seems to be doing a good job. Advertiser can get their messages across and bloggers can make money blogging. It is a win-win situation. Advertlets even has a featured blogger section. This will helped bloggers to raise their profile. What are you waiting for? The sign-up process is fast and easy!


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