Monday, November 5, 2007

Project Heavy Traffic 100th Web Post

Yes! Time flies and it already Project Heavy Traffic 100th Post. I have reached an important milestone.

Wow! I couldn't believe it! A year ago, if you mention blog to me, you will get a certain look from me. I thought it was reserved for those who love writing diary only. Boy! was i wrong and now i have joined the rank of the BLOGGERS! Me, a Blogger, unbelievable! It was not easy. I would not have reach here without the support of all my blog friends.

To celebrate this special occasion, i have decided to share this moment with my fellow bloggers! I want to present this special Project Heavy Traffic (PHT) Heavy Traffic Award (a choice of white or blue background) to:

This award is for blogs and sites with hugh traffic potential.
Congrats! May your site be overflowed with good traffic!

Celebrate with me! Jump for Joy!

Cheers! MakeTraffic


WaterLearner said...

Wow .. 100 posts already!? Congrats! I can take whichever colour I fancy? I would take the blue one then.

Blessings & Congrats!

MakeTraffic said...

Thanks Karen for sharing the celebration with me. I am blessed with a friend like you.


JaMiLLa said...

CONGRA MT!!! I got another half year to go for my 100th post!!!

Thanks so much for the award. I would like to choose blue one cos my blog color is white. Need to contrast.

I will read your blog's post when I have a longer time on blogging.

MakeTraffic said...

Hi Jam, Thanks for the visit. Your blog is fantastic and you deserve every bit of the award. Thanks for your support. Cheers!


mr fong said...

Eh MT, thanks for flattering the blog. U made my day, ure so kind la! Anyway congrats on getting ur 100. I'm far way off. But you have done great, w 2 blogs plus work :D

It has rocked to be ur friend.

MakeTraffic said...

Hi Winston, your blog is great and informative! and the traffic is increasing fast. Congrats on the award. you deserve it! Thanks for being a pal.
Cheers! MakeTraffic

Adrian said...

Hi MT! Congratulations! Wow a 100 posts already. In a way I'm just like you because a year ago I had no idea what blogging was all about!

Thank you for the nice award! I am honored to receiev it! Congrats to all your other recipients too! :)

Mariuca said...

MT!!! Congrats on ur 100th post, best kan to finally reach there? He he he... I love this award, now... which one should I choose?

Thanks for thinking of me, I will def put this up at Mariuca's Award Gallery! Nite nite MT and keep the blogging spirit alive! :):):)

J@n!ce said...

MT, you reached that mark about the same time as Marzie. She celebrated recently too. Congrates to you & thank you for the surprise award. I'm thinking of which color now... I will check out your funblog too :)

Janice Ng ~ invite friends ~ get paid

Nux V said...

congrats on your 100th post! and thanks for the nice award, m so honoured to receive it!
thx alot ;-)

turtie said...

congratulations on 100 posts. I will be going back to look at past entries to see how you accomplished what you did. I'm a newbie blogger and looking to find ways to make myself relevant.


Wow congrats, congrats and many congrats to u on reaching your 100th post! And wow, thank u so much for the award. U thinking that we got potential to achieve huge traffic means a lot to us. THANKS A LOT!

And more congrats for the relaunch of your old blog (Welcome back, blog!) and the launch of the new online store. Keep up the great work! =)

keeyit said...

Thank you...

welcome back...

Jean Chia said...

wowow!! congrates MT!! and thanks alot for the beautiful award! :)

Jean Chia

MakeTraffic said...

Adrian: It is nice knowing a fellow 1st time dad and your genie campaign with Marzie is very creative and successful!

Marzie: thanks for thinking of me while i am away on the business trip. Your new blog rocks man! Cheers to your recent 100th post too!

Janice: I just want to thank you for showing me support all this while. Your blog is GREAT! and the traffic has increased multiple fold. The way you treat people with sincerity and love, no wonder your site is flooded with visits and comments. To me, you are even a greater Starblogger than xiaxue. Cheers!

MakeTraffic said...

Nux: It is my pleasure to give the award. Your site traffic is amazing and your blog worth is astronomical. You must share with me how you did that. Cheers!

Turtie: Welcome to my blog. Thanks for reading my past entries. I learnt and make mistakes along the way and learn some more. I would be glad to share whatever i know on web traffic. Cheers!

Nafasg: You are most welcome! Thanks for the encouragement. Your site is very professional and informative. Relaunching my old blog is because i am researching on educational toys and child brain development method partly for my interest as well as for my son. would need alot of support from you and the rest of my blog community. Cheers!

Keeyit: Thanks for coming for my 100th post celebration. Hope you like the award. Cheers!

Jean: No long didn't hear from you. You are most welcome! i thought i have lost contact with a dear friend. Thanks for coming for my 100th post celebration. Cheers!

FL Sam said...

Congrats! Keep it up. :)

MakeTraffic said...

Hi Sam, Thanks for coming to my celebration and sharing this special moment with me. Cheers!


mr fong said...

MT- dun flatter me la. Haha. It is so kind of u anyway... ;) It's the thought that counts, ya!

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