Saturday, September 22, 2007

Celebrity Blogs & their PageRank

Recently, I watched a local TV programme on bloggers and their methods of getting traffic.

Some of the bloggers like XiaXue (I read her blog a few years ago and went back recently after the TV programme) is very controversial and likes to criticise other bloggers, celebrities, people (hmm...almost everyone under the sun).
Note: XiaXue is supposed to be the blog queen (read: star blogger) in our local scene.

I do not know whether this is her method of drawing traffic (by creating controversial topics) - which she denied flatly in the show, but i personally disagree with the method.

I also find her blog (honestly, not only her blog, many other blogs) uses (quite liberally) vulgar language to the level which i cannot accept.

Some of her post (to her credit), however (minus the vulgarity) is quite humorous.

Well, to each his or her own (style)...just my 2 cents worth of comments.

Anyway, back to my topic on SEO.

After the TV show, i began to research on some of these celebrity blogs (for the purpose of my SEO/Pagerank research). I presume that since they had media publicity, they would have the advantage of reach. The following are public info which you can key (the domain) into any pagerank checker and find the info easily. The following are just some of our local celebrity bloggers. Who are your celebrity blogger and what's their PageRank?

It seems XiaXue's pagerank is very good! I wonder why she didn't register her domain for her blog. Anyway, i hope you like this post and would appreciate any comments (note: Any vulgarity WILL be deleted. LOL) . Cheers!


mr fong said...

MT, how to find my PageRank ah?

take care,my buddy.........

Bobby said...

I am not very impressed with that particular blog and don't read stuff like that!

I agree that those tactics are a very poor choice!!!!!

J@n!ce said...

I used to read her blog last time, but now also got no time to visit my own blogger friends, so I din read hers totally. I watched the show last week on TV. I cant stand both of them lah. :(

Janice Ng

Mariuca said...

Hola! I have something for you!

MakeTraffic said...

Sorry guys for the late reply and thanks for the comments!

Winston: You can find your pagerank in PR checker (to name a few) like:,
I got to thank you for all your question which always gave me ideas for my next post. oh come to think of it, i have an idea for my next (or next next)post! Cheers!

Bobby: I agree with you. I do not like her style. but it is undeniable that her traffic is very high, which makes me realise that controversy does drives traffic (which is a methos i won't use)

Janice: Yah! i can't stand them too! If not for wanting to learn about what other traffic method they use, i would have switched off the TV. LOL.

Marzie: Thanks for the award! You a wonderful blogger and a true friend. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

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