Saturday, September 1, 2007

Sincere Apology- Traffic Breakdown

This blog has experienced some technical difficulties for the past week which have affected my loading speed. It has something to do with the template i am using. It has affected my traffic numbers. The numbers dipped last week.

Learning point: (Although this is quite obvious) Technical breakdown and slow loading speed DIRECTLY affect the web traffic. If you are intending to be a pro blogger, it is better to have your own domain. Please read my blog buddies blog post on this topic -> new bloggers new directions.

BTW, I have registered for wordpress for Project Heavy Traffic but still unsure on the migration as i would have to start my ranking building all over again (my Technocrati ranking will have to start from 0 again).

Maybe for experimentation (since this is the purpose of this blog), i will use the wordpress blog as a mirror. I will post my experience on which is a better platform. Alot of blogger says Wordpress but hey, i will test it myself and let you guys know. What do you think? To migrate or not to? Let me know your comments? Thanks.

My blog problem has since been fixed. Sorry to have caused any inconveience. Please continue to support me. Please let me know via comments or chatbox if you continue to experience problem in reading my blog.

Sincerely, Maketraffic


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