Saturday, September 8, 2007

Research on PageRank

I have decided to start my research on PageRank because of this: I found out I have the lowest PageRank available that is ZERO!
I did apply to list on Domz and submit to Google but don't know why still zero!
Instead of being dishearten, i WANT TO FIND OUT WHY!

Any good hearted bloggers can tell me why? Please share it in my blog for benefit of all.
MEANWHILE, i am determined to find out about PageRank!

If you have been following my post. Although, my traffic numbers dipped recently due to technical gitches, i found out to my delight, comments left on my blog have increased. A special thanks to my reader for patiently bearing with the loading speed to leave your precious comments. You will be glad to know that loading speed problem have been fixed!

I still want to retain my style while embarking on more SEO and improving PageRank. My blog buddy, bobby wrote a good article on this- Internet Blog Marketing. Please check it out!

Stay tune to my blog for more research findings and methods on PageRank! Cheers!


Mi said...

Things you need to increase page rank:
1. Link-backs. This means you have to have other blogs or websites linking back to you. The more, the better chances of increasing your page rank.
2. Traffic. In other words, visitors.
3. Time. You only started blogging not that long ago. Give it some time. :)

"Google ranks pages based on a voting system. When other sites link to your blog, that's considered a "vote" cast in your favor. In addition, links from popular, relevant websites are weighted more than links from your aunt's blog about cats. The best way to increase your PageRank™ score is to have other well-ranked sites link to yours. You can also submit your site's URL to relevant directories such as the Open Directory Project or become a member of a blog ring to gain some exposure."

MakeTraffic said...

Thanks Mi for the visit and your comments! It is very informative.
BTW, I have submitted to Open Directory Project but no result yield. How do i get high ranking site to link me? Cheers!

Bobby said...

It's tough to gain page rank! Link backs are only good for page rank if the anchor text is optimal. I linked to this post using the anchor text
"Page Rank Research". Because you are a blogspot blog, you really have no control of the title tags of your posts. If and when you are ready to buy a domain name and host yourself with a wordpress blog, this will be be when you can take control of these things. So the anchor text I chose to link to this post was my choice based on my knowledge of seo. Now, please change the anchor text of the link to my post to:
Internet Blog Marketing. Thanks MT!

MakeTraffic said...

Hi Bobby, done! i have changed the anchor text to: Internet Blog Marketing.

I just bought the domain name and register the wordpress under the same name to show i am serious about this research. According to Wordpress, i need to pay for credit for the domain maping. i thought it is suppose to be free. Blogspot mapping is free. BTW, am having trouble pointing to new domain. Need you help and advise. Thanks.

mr fong said...

Good luck MT you are doing fantastic so far.

I think it is very good to get link-backs by making friends/connections with them before giving them awards, then you get a link-back :P

However, of course when we do it must be sincere lah :)

Bobby said...

Thanks! You would be much better off having someone else host your site. I use bluehost. When I joined blue host, I bought my domain through them. Then I did what's called a 301 redirect to my site. The problem is with blogspot. I recommend to anyone starting a blog to make sure they do not join blogger (which uses blogspot as an address) It's very complicated but blogspot is terrible for any blogs success. It's all part of Google taking over and controlling everything. What you're doing is having blogspot be your host while you own the domain. You will not be in charge, blogspot will be. You see, I have complete access and control over the server and databases for my site. If you join bluehost by clicking the bluehost ad on my site, I will make $65.00.
I will give you 1/2 of it ($32.50).
It's a lot of work and doing a 301 redirect (which assures you won't lose technorati authority and tells the search engines you have permanently moved and where you moved to)with blogspot is difficult. I lost all my authority when I moved because I did it wrong. Blogspot uses an xml template and you cannot write the necessary code into it to do a 301 redirect. Just don't do anything yet, until I do a little research. If I can help you make the transition perfectly, then it will be the technique to spawn mega-traffic. I will share 50-50 all credit for the idea. We would be able to have a co-written, linked instruction guide (step by step) on making the move. As of yet, there is no guide like this anywhere online and the need for it is staggering. I would bet that Google would offer to buy it from us. There are guides, but only one's a phd in networking could understand. So, just sit tight and let me see what I can find. At worst, you may have to pay a professional webservice to write a 301 redirect for you to ensure your urls arent broken. Mine were. I started from 0 with my domain but in 3 short months I am in the technorati top 10,000. I will be in touch soon. I'd like to see your site blast off into the stratosphere and I know I can help that happen. Thanks:)

MakeTraffic said...

Winston: Thanks for always encouraging me. Cheers, buddy!

Bobby: Wow! Thanks for the information, i know i can always count on you. Let me digest a bit as you know i am quite new in blogsphere. I think you posted an article before about newbie blogger direction but by the time i read that i was quite entrenched already. Yah, i agree with you, we should let all new bloggers know and not end up like me (having problem upgrading and retaining ranking).Come to think of it, it is one objective of this project.

I am interested in playing a part in your research for instruction guide. This is quite exciting! "Go where No Man has gone before". Waiting for your good news! Let's blast off together leaving a trail so that other new bloggers can follow. You are a genius! i wish i have known you earlier!

RMStringer said...

I have often wondered about this myself. I fight with this all the time on how to increase traffic. I have not wanted to got the paid add way because it is not like that for me. I post about mountain biking and photography with lots of pics that I take. I guess that people only like a very few articles that I post about. I would love to get my rankings up higher than they are. They have been high and like in the low 100s before in blogtopsites before. I have also linked to your site.

MakeTraffic said...

Hi RMStringer, Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving comments. I also do not like the paid add way. That's why this project was formed-to research on free web traffic methods. I will add your link to both my blogs. Cheers!

Bill Austin said...

PageRank and Backlink count on Google only get visibly updated 3 or 4 times a year these days.

You won't see them until after the next update.

As long as you are not banned by Google, itappears to me that you have sufficient worthwhile links to get at least a PR3 and perhaps a PR4. In a stretch, they might call it a five but time will tell.

What you need to build in order to create lots of traffic are Trust and Authority.

I wrote an article on that which you can read and comment on here at my blog:

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