Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Long tail advantage- A new perspective for bloggers!

The Long tail theory (2004), by Wired editor Chris Anderson states that Niche players has an edge as niche product sold online enjoys good profit in low volumes as compared to Mass market players (high volume, low profit) as Mass market players are facing mounting price, cost and compettition pressure.

It is all possible because of this level playing field called Internet and it's global reach, 24x7 availability and the power of personalisation/customisation.

The Long tail advantage can be applied to the blogging scene. As mentioned in my previous post, a network of small bloggers united together is bigger than a single superstar site! That's the secret behind Social Networking/ Community sites. The Big Brother companies of the Internet are beginning to realised this. They are starting to acquire these sites.

The point is we have our own niches, i have mine and you have yours. If we combine (linked together), we are a formidable force!

Just imagine, For positive product review! By positive i mean real review! If it is no good, say so!
if ABC beverage company come up with a drink, and All 300 (let's say) of us reviewed the product and even if 85% says it is good! (It will be tremendous positive impact on sales! Just imagine how much real publicity compared to just advertising! not to mention the saving of advertising dollars!).

Word of mouth and recommendation is MORE powerful! I trust my friends and will most likely buy what they recommend! the reverse is true also.

The remaining 15% can be a positive feedback to the company to improve the product. It sure beats paid survey anytime!!!

Let's imagine again, If we activate this force for good cause, green movement, positive blogging direction like Blogging Etiquettes, we can make a difference!

If you are an advertiser or a company or someone that needs help, would you go to a single maga site or a collective linked Bloggers United sites? The answer is clear!

But first we have to be UNITED!

I am not an authority (i am far from it). My blog buddy, bobby of revellian begin this vision, read his post reality niche this. I am just responding to his call.

For a start, our bloggers united network currently includes:

project heavy traffic
this is a miracle
A Great Pleasure
Journey with the water learner
Brown Baron
Jesse the Cat

I am also a proud NAFASG affiliates which includes :
v Mariuca
v Janice
v Jean
v Bobby
v Joe Zul
v Emila
v Thiamhin
v Fattien
v Don
v Jesse
v Make Traffic
v Karen
v Feel Happy
v Adam Mutum
v Trinity
v Jamilla
v Malawika
v Sandy G
v Fauzi
v Xiaoyenzi
v Sticky Artz

Join us!

Please copy this post, reword it (only if you want to) and help to spread the word. Thanks.



mr fong said...

No problem MT: I am so honoured...

WaterLearner said...

Hey MT,

What should I do? Add on to more and post on my blog is it?

Let me know! I will support what you have initiated!

MakeTraffic said...

Thanks Karen for your support! I am so encouraged! I don't know whether it will work, but i would like to take action and give it a try (in line with the spirit of this blog).

Please add on to the list and post on your blog. Please inform me so that i can update my list. Thanks and Cheers!

NAFASG said...

Hi Mt,

You can find in the archives here

or at our blog with the post title of Web 2.0: World Wide Web At Its Peak...with regards to the tag.

Glad to be a part of the movement..

Have a nice day,

Warmest Regards,

Paid Survey said...

I understand that together we are more powerful than we are apart, but I am unsure what the purpose of this coalition is. I mean what is the going to be the niche for this collaboration? Because as I am sure you know, random links from unrelated sites are not viewed nearly as well as links from related sites. In addition, what will be promoted and who will decide what is promoted. And what if the product doesn't fit with the theme of your blog? Unrelated posts will alienate your readers won't they?

MakeTraffic said...

Thanks Paid Survey for your comments. Really appreciate your view on this. I thought of it also. But we have to start somewhere.

Agreed that random links from unrelated sites are not viewed nearly as well as links from related sites. Do you have any suggestions on the order of links?

I believe however that product that we come across every day like toothpaste, softdrink, printers, digicam, mobile phone can be reviewed in any blogs. Of course i could be wrong.

If all else fails, at least you have a new network of friends!
Please share with us your ideas.

MakeTraffic said...

Thanks Nafa for the comment and the post. Really appreciate that. I thought no one would respond to that post as it is but a distant dream. Cheers my pal!

Bobby said...

Very nice! I think you are really seeing the possibilities of what could be! I'll help!!!!!

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