Monday, August 6, 2007

Episode 28: Traffic Full Throttle

Do you believe that the most important element of successful on-line business is generating traffic? With high traffic you generated, you can promote any ideas or business.

If you think the Big Boys of internet marketing made it because:
1) They were lucky
2) They were there first

You are wrong! They have a systematic way of generating traffic (they are selling their secrets by the way) and i am going to find that out and publish here for FREE!

so no more "i cannot make it big in Internet marketing" because:
1) I am not as lucky
2) I am a bit too late to enter the Internet Marketing game
3) They are already the marketing leader.

I believe in and being the UNDERDOG! If you don't believe, look at my traffic figure (it is growing steadily) and the traffic (new visitors) i generated for other sites linking to my page. One thing i do learnt is
YOU CANNOT DO IT ON YOUR OWN! You learn from friends, blog buddies, from others' successes and mistakes.

I have learnt alot from my blog buddies and friends.
Their support is invaluable! I am not a guru (or else i would have called myself 'Trafficguru' or something) but i have this relentless spirit of finding out the methods of traffic generation (called secrets by the Big Boys)

I am still compliling the list of methods i used and will post them once i gather enough empirical information.

So stay tuned...cheers to FREE traffic!


Water Learner said...


Interesting site! Thanks for dropping by my humble blog! I will surely visit often.


MakeTraffic said...

Hi Water Learner,
Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comments. Cheers!

Robo said...

Thanks for the advise! Appreciated.

MakeTraffic said...

You are most welcome, Robo!

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