Sunday, June 1, 2008

Spiritual Sunday: Stop and Take Stock!

Stop & ask yourself!

1. Are you eating right every day? (Physical Well-being)
When you are hungry, you want to eat. But, are you eating right?

2. Do you receive the right emotional affirmation everyday? (Emotional Well-being)

When you are emotionally dried-up, you need affirmation and encouragement.

3. What are your priorities in Life?

We have to stop and take stock! To evaluate what is more important in our life and do more of that than mindlessly rushing to finish the Human Race.


eastcoastlife said...

Thanks for your prayers for my son’s recovery. He’s home from the hospital. We are relieved to know the cause of his abdominal pains and that it is not life-threatening.

Happy weekend!

MakeTraffic said...

Hi eastcoastlife,
Glad to know your son is ok. May God bless him with speedy recovery. Have a great week ahead!

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