Sunday, June 29, 2008

Prospering Blogger

I am fascinated by the interesting method used by a new blog- bigmoneylist. Although the method of gaining incoming links that fast might not go well with Google bots but it still has its place in generating traffic in this vast DotUniverse of blogs and sites . I am very encouraged by the author's determination and willingness to experiment similar to the spirit of this blog.

Michael, the author of bigmoneylist, in his post Maturing as a Blogger reminded me of my own journey and my blog purpose, which seems to have lost some steam due to time and toils. I have decided to recharge and put in refreshing content. Please bear with me as it takes time.

It has also reminded me of my strong belief of the collective strength of bloggers' network rather than just individual effort. We can learn so much from one another. "There is enough of the pie to go around" as one of my friends always advocate. Let's prosper together!


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