Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Best Cardio In The World!

Most people find it difficult to exercise regularly especially when we have to juggle our time between work and family commitments. If not having enough time is your excuse for not exercising regularly, rope skipping might just be the solution and here's why!

Rope skipping is known to be excellent for cardiovascular fitness and coordination. It is also good for keeping our bones strong and healthy. Just 10 minutes of rope skipping is equivalent to a 1.5km run or 20 minutes of high impact aerobics! Not only does skipping burn more calories that other exercises, it has got to be one of the least time consuming and convenient exercise ever!

Given the numerous benefits that rope skipping offers, it is a pity that many misconceptions about this activity have prevented many of you from even considering it. Well, I urge you to think again, especially for those of you who have forgotten what a joy it is to jump and be active! But first, let’s break down some of the common myths about rope skipping!

Myth 1: It's Too Difficult!
One of the best ways to start getting fit is through the process of learning a new skill. Do not give up just because you have become less coordinated! Many adults give up on skipping because they keep missing the steps. With a little more practice and some coaching, you will be skipping again. Like cycling, once you get a hang of it, it is going to be a breeze! Besides, the mastery of new skills does wonders to the self-esteem!

Myth 2: Rope Skipping's Harmful to My Joints
According to the U.S. Olympic Committee Sports Medicine Council. It is far less hard on the muscles and bones than jogging. When running, each foot absorbs up to 5 times the body weight from the force of the impact as the foot hits the ground. But with proper rope skipping technique, the impact of hitting the ground is slowed down and absorbed by both calf muscles. I personally know many people who cannot run because of knee injuries but can skip without any problems.

Myth 3: It's Boring
Whoever thinks so obviously has not seen the variety of skipping styles that you can learn. There are just so many variations of the same techniques and combinations to master. The best part about learning new styles is that you get so much fitter without even realizing it because you are so psychologically “involved” in learning the new skills that they forget about the pain of huffing and puffing that is often associated with exercise.

The perfect exercise would cost very little, take a few minutes to complete, burn lots of calories and be enjoyable indefinitely by everyone. Despite many infomercial claims to the contrary, there is no such thing as the perfect exercise. I reckon the closest thing to the perfect exercise has got to be rope skipping!

Join us for free rope skipping lessons every Saturday at East Coast Park. Visit for more information.

*Article contributed by Mr Hansen Bay, Founder of Rope Sports Singapore, ASCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach*


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