Wednesday, January 23, 2008

30 Tips to Increase Website Traffic

Project Heavy Traffic gets its current traffic flow (average 50 to 70 unique visitors per day) within 6 months by sytematically applying web traffic methods.

Considering the fact that i am only a part-time blogger with only less than an hour at night to blog, it is a result i am proud of.

Let's Recap Project Heavy Traffic's tips on how to increase web site traffic (Read from bottom up for chronological order).

It is by using these tips methodologically that PHT gets to where it is now. I do not claim to be a guru or an expert. This is a real experiment and it is only part of the journey.

Episode Bonus: 5 ATTITUDES in making your blog successful
Episode 30: Focus on Viral Tag
Episode 29: Act on it!
Episode 28: Traffic Full Throttle
Episode 27: Tagging
Episode 26: The four letter F*** word which is...
Episode 25: Spiral Links
Episode 24: Blog Community revisit
Episode 23: Perhaps the most important web traffic...
Episode 22: Classified Ads
Episode 21- Expand your traffic horizon!
Episode 20: Blog Directories
Episode 19: Good Affiliate Programs
Episode 18: Pinging
Episode 17: Forums
Episode 16: Exchange link with other sites
Episode 15: DIY viral marketing I
Episode 14: Add a widget
Episode 13: Advertising network?
Episode 12: Bookmarking my site
Episode 11: Traffic exchange site
Episode 10: Register with social content websites
Episode 9: submit url to google, yahoo and the oth...
Episode 8: Join a blog community site
Episode 7: Register Site with Technorati
Episode 6: Add RSS feed
Episode 5: Content review
Episode 4: Adding a statcounter to measure traffic...
Episode 3: Blog description is important!
Episode 2: Add Google Adsense
Episode 1: blog creation and enhancement


WaterLearner said...

Wow you have 50 to 70 unique visitors a day! That is indeed a great feat! I rarely am able to even touch 50!

I have to learn more from you!

Have a Great Weekend MT!!!

MakeTraffic said...

Hi Karen, i have to learn from you too in terms of number of comments.

Have a great weekend ahead too. Cheers!

Bob from said...

Plenty of ideas here to get unique visitors.

Here are 2 more ideas for generating traffic to your webpage.

1. Write unique content. Do this daily and add pages daily. Traffic will follow organically.

2. Create a signature link in forums. This will direct traffic to your site. Choose forums that are relevant to your niche.

MakeTraffic said...

Thanks bob for sharing your ideas!

Writing post daily can be a chalenge. Used to push myself to write one per day. but now i just want to enjoy blogging and write whenever i want to. I think traffic will follow when you wrtie from your heart. Cheers!

Jack said...

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