Saturday, December 1, 2007

How i start to make money from my blog

This is a follow up to my previous post- Don't just blog for money.

Don't get me wrong, i am not advocating making money from blogging is wrong. I am just saying that we should not JUST blog for money. That is also a constant reminder to myself too.

It is very tempting to do series of paid post. By doing that, we run the risk of losing your reader and the momentum to write original stuff, the very reason why we blog in the first place (unless your sole reason is to set up a money blog then read my article - Don't just blog for money again) . I am not the "writer" kind of person (in fact, blogging improves my writing), so please pardon me if i do not write "professionally". I just write or blog my thoughts and straight from the heart.

The title "How to make money with your blog" for this post seems very tempting. I did not use that title (besides the fact that there are thousands oof posts with that title) because i am not an expert nor do i claim to make tonnes of money on the blog.

I have decided to change the title to "How i start to make money from my blog". I have just began actively monetising my blog. I want to record down my journey on this blog starting from this post. I am not earning six figure income from this blog but i would like to share my experience.

There is a very good post on How To Make Money With Your Blog Site by Robin Good. For those who want to know the different ways that bloggers can make money from their blog, it is a good read.

Ok. My report card so far...

The following monetisation resources are ranked based on the total amount i earned from my blogs and sites.

1. Smorty

Blog Advertising - Get Paid to Blog

2. Pay Per Post

3. Google Adsense

6. Affiliate for Amazon

How much did i earn? Let's say with what i earn this month, i can buy myself a decent Christmas tree. What will i be spending on (really)? To cover some of my ISP & hosting costs and buy some research books (including ebook) on web traffic & SEO.


arun kamath said...

Thanks for your advice. But I am blogging so that I can earn quick bucks to buy PlayStation 3

MakeTraffic said...

Hi arun, thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you reach your goal soon.

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