Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Take Time to Give Thanks

This post was inspired by my blog buddy, Karen's post Precious Water.

I have been taking a lot of things for granted and i have promised myself to treasure these things.

We often take for granted necessities like clean water, safe environment, good road condition until we visited other developing countries.

In life, we complaint about this and that but never stop for a moment to count our blessings.

As we are approaching Christmas and the end of 2007, may we take sometime to ponder and give thanks.

Join me to count our blessings from 10 to 14 Dec 2007.

*This is a soul searching exercise and not a traffic generation tool. As we give thanks and count our blessings, we will not be cornered by our problems or worries. Hopefully, We can realise how fortunate we are and can be in a position to help others.


Amel's Realm said...

GREAT post!!! May we always remember to count our blessings. :-))))

By the way, I added you to my blogroll already. :-)))

MakeTraffic said...

Hi Amel, thanks for your encouragement! Yes, May we always remember to count our blessings!

I have added you too. Cheers!

Jeff said...

I guess this is a perfect post to say that Thanks for stopping by my website and commenting.

As a newbie blogger, I truly do appreciate any traffic that decides to check out my hard work.

Has anyone told you that you were awesome? Because you are!

J@n!ce said...

MT, are you a christain?

Juliana RW said...

Hi, You have a nice blog. I see that you did got approved from many site ^_^;; Will visit my blog :)

Blur Ting said...

Hi traffic, sure. I have linked you already.

MakeTraffic said...

Hi Jeff, You are most welcome! Thanks for your compliment! Awesome! wow! That is one of the nicest words given to me and this blog. Thanks pal. It makes all the hard work worthwhile.


MakeTraffic said...

Yes, Jan. I am.

...Christmas isn't Christmas till it happens in your heart,

...Somewhere deep inside me is where Christmas really starts...


MakeTraffic said...

Thanks juliana for the visit and comment. I visited your blog. You have a nice blog too. Cheers!

MakeTraffic said...

Hi blur ting, thanks for the visit, comment and the add. I have added your link. Cheers!

WaterLearner said...

Hallos! Thanks for linking to my post. Appreciate that. Wow.. all my buddies are here :-)

MakeTraffic said...

Hi Karen, thanks for the many inspiration. Your blog is a must read for me too! Cheers!

Juliana RW said...

Hi maketraffic, i added you to my blogroll. Will you add me also to ur blogroll?

MakeTraffic said...

Hi Juliana,
I have added your link. Cheers!

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