Sunday, September 2, 2007

Jumping for Joy!

Wow! just when i thought it is going to be a low point of my blogging journey (ok.ok. i know it has only been less than 3 months) due to blog technical difficulties, writer's block, stressed from work (i did mention i am only a part-time blogger right?), exhaustion, procastination, dipped in web traffic because of reason 1 (see technical difficulties )

And when i check my blog today, i was surprised to see
1. I have been given 2 blog awards by Winston. Thank you Winston, you are such a pal!

*i am still jumping for joy*

2. My traffic reached the 5,000 visitors mark!

3. My Blog worth has increased!

4. There was a jump in the links to my blog (thank you guys for your support!)

5. Found out that my blog buddy, Bobby's blog is ok now and he left a comment on my blog!


ok now...time to pass it on. Let me enjoy the moment first... it is not very often that i received award (whether big or small i really appreciate it!)

For the 1st award

The recipient are...
Although some of them have received this award before*, i still want to dedicate the award to them as i really really like their blog!

1. Janice, from This is a Miracle! *
2. Jean, from A Great Pleasure! *
3. mariuca from mariuca
4. Bobby from revellian*
5. Karen of Waterlearner!
6. Sweetpea of Sweetpeamy!

I will update more here when i come across blog when i like (especially new bloggers- to encourage)

2nd Award

ok ladies first. For this next award, i will not repeat those who has won it before but i still have to mention that Janice, Jean and mariuca are in my list of star bloggers! although they have received this many many times!!!

The recipient are...

1. Lady nafasg from nafasg
3. BabyFiona of silver horse gunnysack

That's all for the moment, will update more in the future.

for the guys...

1. Bobby from revellian*
2. Winston from eatyourmaths (awarding back to you again cos you are awesome!)
4. The guys from nafasg

That's all for now, will update more in the future.
Lastly, my sincere gratitude for giving me so many awards even though this blog is less than 3 months old (no even qualify for PPP). So far (according to the award), I have been Nice, Certified (partner), Good (say no evil), Loved and AWESOME!
THANK YOU so much guys!!!


mr fong said...

Hello MT, thanks and I'm glad youre so happy! Now i'm abit low point as very hard to keep posting when I'm teaching intensively now,haha..

But I realized MT, u gave me the awesome guy award, I already have it already leh...If you want to give someone else it's fine with me, but thank you again! If youw ant to give another blogger, feel free.

Hope you can come fly by my Teacher's Day post and leave commetns! Haha..

NAFASG said...


Thank u soooo much! Lady Nafa is soo happy! But better not get too happy coz it will hurt the guys at Nafa. Hehe!

But again, thank u very much for the award. Can't believe that I am a Rockin' Girl Blogger! *blush* And u deserve the Awesome Guy Award for being such an awesome guy! =)

MakeTraffic said...

Lady Nafa: Oops, i have forgotten about the guys in Nafa. I have included them in the awesome guys section already. Sori, blur blur must be the stress level from work.LOL.

NAFASG said...

LOL!!! U are so funny. =)

Oh well now the girls and guys at NAFA have got awards from u. We are all jumping for joy right now!


Jean Chia said...

hi MT!!

Congrates on your awards!! You have strived hard and you deserved the recognition! Congrates again, MT!

Thanks for passing the joy to me. I am really happy to received this award. Thanks!

JeanChia SEO Traffic

Mariuca said...

MT!!! I LOVE U! Thanks for the award!! Yeeha!!

JaMiLLa said...

CoOL! CoOL! CooL! CoOL!

I love the bunyi bunyi of AWARDS!

Although I din get any here, I still feel the JOY!

MT, I also feel jumping jumping here with you out of my chair!


Good Job on ur blog, one of my blog list.

Hop over my blog sometimes. OK? Keep in touch!

J@n!ce said...

MT, thank you so much for the mention & the award. YOu are so kind always rememebering me. :)

So funny, you forgot about the guys from Nafa I read the comment from Lady Nafa. Nevermind, we all know you are so stress from work.

Take Care :)

Janice Ng

Sharon said...

MakeTraffic, I've always wanted to get this award! Thanks so much. You've made my weekend!!!!!

babyfiona said...

Hi! Thank you so much! You are the 3rd person awarded me the same award and I am still jumping in joy! Weee!!

Thank you so much and you really deserved all the award you received!

Terry Starbucker said...

MT, I'm honored to receive this award - many thanks! And congrats on your great success so far with your blog; I think your little "project" is coming along just fine! All the best.


MT, just found your blog. I also run a blog about getting more traffic.

Besides that, I want to let you know that your site needs to be independently hosted. It's your lucky day, because the domain is still available. I just checked.

Please don't tell me it's about the money, because hosting is ridiculously low these days. In fact if you're not able to, I'll send you some money to recoup some of your hosting costs after you make the leap. Seriously.

Great blog, I see a lot of potential here, hope you make the right move.


waterlearner said...

Hi MT ...

I am so honoured! Thanks a Zillion!!

MakeTraffic said...

Thanks Sweetpea for the tag. Sori got to delete your comment as it is too long. Not your fault. Got something to do my template. Anyone got good template to share?

MakeTraffic said...

Hi Jean, Marzie, Janice

Sorry for the late reply. I wanted to mention you as you all truely deserved the award! Thanks for helping me along the way and remembering me always. Cheers!

MakeTraffic said...

JaMiLLa: thanks for visiting my blog. Sure thing, i will pop by your blog from time to time. Thanks for sharing my joy. Cheers!

Sharon & Babyfiona,
I always find your blog very interesting and have been wanting to pass the award to you guys once i have the chance (when someone pass to me LOL). Please come visit my blog often. I am now doing some research on pagerank. Hope to shed some light soon. Cheers!

Terry: You truely deserved the award. I am grateful to you for being the first person willing to join my MBL community when i started my this 'small' project. Please continue to support and witness the growth of this dite. Cheers!

MakeTraffic said...

Hi getmoretraffic, your ID sounds like the brother of maketraffic LOL.

Thanks for your kind words and compliments. I am so touched by your offer. I am facing some loading speed problem as my site grows and i think it is time i seriously look into your suggestion. Do drop by often. Cheers!

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