Saturday, September 8, 2007

PageRank Research 1

EzineBlog is a Google Page Rank 5 site, as well as Technorati Top 100 Most Popular Blogs and they have decided to give away free linkbacks to your site.

I have found EzineBlog.ORG to be a fun site that talks about everything from science to sports. What's more, if you review their blog, they’ll link to it and help increase your page rank!

While you’re at it you can browse through the 100% ad-free postings about current events, commentary from posters, and more. To join click here: Entertainment


Bobby said...

Hi MT, I am still awaiting my link from them. has a page rank of 0. The link they promise is from one of the other sites. Did you you contact them to let them know you are participating?

MakeTraffic said...

Thanks Bobby. I am also still waiting for my link. I have contacted them.

The promise they mentioned on their site is very attractive and simple, that's why i gave it a try. Hope it is not one of those gimmicks. Cheers!

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