Saturday, January 17, 2009

Business Gem 1

I read with sadness that businesses are suffering during this economic crisis period.
Instead of focusing on the gloom and doom, I am starting a new section called Business Gems.
I hope to jot down my thoughts or good ideas i have found on surviving this crisis.
It also acts as a reminder to myself.

Business Gem 1

Your customers face new problems,
so give them new solutions.
No matter what business you're in,
you can redefine value for the customer.


Anonymous said...

Hi there... want to change your favicon? find out how.. Have a nice tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Wednesday! Bloghoppin' here... Hey, I have an interesting tutorial for you that I have written myself. It is about adding Adsense on your Single Post in XML template. I hope you'll like it! God Bless you!

Xjion89 said...

Happy CNY!!!
Wish u all the best(^^)

Imelda said...

hi there how are you??


That is a gem.

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