Thursday, July 26, 2007

Pitstops: I have been tagged! Finally!

Janice tagged me on 10 random facts about MY MUM. Wow! it is hard work...thinking. Although i am much closer to my dad, I still want to let world know how GREAT she is. Here goes:

1. She is a Very good cook (you can guess a bit about my weight lol..ok ok not so fat lah!)
2. She loves to travel
3. She loves to make friends
4. Unlike me, she can do small talks very well
5. She can change conversation very fast to her topic
6. She sews very well.
7. She likes to eat white Chicken Rice.
8. She adores her children (including me of course! )
9. She always support my father, knowing his stubborness too.
10. She is God's gift to my father, me and my family.


Please share & tell us how wonderful your mum is :

1) Starbucker
2) mikong
3) sweetpeamy
4) revellian
5) monkeywong



J@n!ce said...

Your mummy seems a perfect lady everyone would love to have. She can cook, sew, love to travel, chatty...etc.

THUMBS UP to your mummy.

btw, how many siblings do u have? ;p

MonkeyWong said...

U have a great mum! :P
Thanks for the tag!

MakeTraffic said...

Thanks for all your nice comments!

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