Sunday, July 20, 2008

The bane of Blog advertising

The bane of Blog advertising is that when you allow blog advertising on your blog, you are subjected to it's loading speed, but worse of all, the non-loading of it. I had a few experiences of it.

EXPERIENCE: I have been patient thus far. But tonight the Nuffnang Advert widget causes my blog to load so slowly (it was stuck at the Nuffnang Widget for so long) that it has the effect of a 'computer hang'. It was about the time when i published my post "Embracing your fear"! Talk about timing!

The last time that happened was a few weeks ago (recall my previous post- traffic jam) when "One of the servers in Nuffnang is experiencing problems..." and an apology email was sent to us swiftly:

"You may have noticed that you have trouble accessing Nuffnang Singapore and our ads today. One of our servers in Nuffnang Singapore is experiencing problems. There was a hardware-related failure while carrying out an upgrade in the morning. Our technical team is working with our hosting provider to get things back to normal. At the moment we do not specific ETA on when the issue will be resolved, but we will keep you posted.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for bearing with us."

I accepted and beared with it but this time it is too much! It has happened quite a few times already! I wanted to lodge a complaint with them but their sg website loads so slowly, i can't even do that.

DECISION: I am going to take down all Nuffnang advertising on my blog until they resolved their technical problems completely. I cannot let their problems affect my blog traffic. Nuff Said.

Updated: I managed to lodge a complaint with them via their problem ticket system. Awaiting their reply...


emjei said...

hi... its me again, i hope you could link my other blog:

pr is 3

nice to be your link partner.. :)
i will wait for your reply.. :)

emjei said...

hello.. linked already your blog here..

good day...

Shea said...

Good decision

MakeTraffic said...

Hi emjei, i have added your link. Cheers!

MakeTraffic said...

Hi Shea, thanks. It was after much thought.

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