Thursday, July 3, 2008

Enduring the Bear Market

There is a very good article on stock investing written by Prof Chan Yan Chong. I like to read his article as he explains terms in an easy to understand manner.

I find this quote of his very classic "The bear market will only end when investors no longer have the guts to buy into the stock market."

Check it out. Prof Chan Yan Chong's Column


Erisha said...

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Pasha said...
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Pasha said...

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Yes, I'm interested in exchange links, i've allready linked to you !

!T Informer, pls add me to your facebook said...

hey maketraffic,
i totally agree with what you say. right now i am trying to work on a way to create something like the tag train, but as you say the people at the tail end always don't benefit while the people at the beginning get the best results. also another problem is getting people to update the master list. first things first, i'm going to fav all your blogs and subscribe to them too, thanks for fav-ving mine and then i wonder if we can come up something where everyone benefits. would it be okay if we spend the next 1-2 days thinking about it?, pls add me to your facebook said...

hey maketraffic, i think i got the perfect solution where everyone will benefit and no updating of masterlist, i need about 24 hours to put it together but it will be amazing i promise. i'm seeing whether it would be better if i coded it or if there is a commercial application, i'll be in touch shortly with the details. btw--faved you and subscribed to your feed. cheers my friend.

Stanley said...

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Imelda said...

I wana know about earning in the stock market. I am still studying how to gain, hehehe.

Btw, sis can we xlinks?

Kim said...

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Jen said...

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