Sunday, July 6, 2008

Project Heavy Traffic gets first Blog review!

Wow! No, it is not World of Warcraft, i am talking about. it is the excitement of getting my 1st blog review from os9user newsroom . I am so delighted, i don't know what else to say (loss for words) except to say Thank You very much, George (os9user)!.

Although Os9user is an established blogger himself, he still takes time to help fellow bloggers like me.

In his own words, "Any Blog that tries to help other Bloggers, will certainly be added into my link roll, no questions asked.".

Very few professional bloggers are willing to link to or write about low ranking blog for fear of diluting their ranking. OS9user is an exception! Because of that spirit, I salute you!

-----This an extract of the Review from os9user newsroom-----

Project Heavy Traffic (my newest request) does offer something to its readers.Here is a quote from that site.

This blog is an experimental project on how to attract traffic to web sites and blogs from scratch. I will share my experience and the effectiveness of each method gathered and applied. As you witness the growth of this site, it is my hope that you will participate through sharing information and comments.

As you clearly can see from this sniplet, this blog "Shares Experiences" with others. By doing this it won our way into our "heart" and link roll.

I encourage my readers to check this site and read some of the postings. Most of them are short which leaves room for comments or questions to the site owner.

I am not a know it all by any means. The Internet is a very, very big place.

I can tell you how I got started, and what I am doing today, but this site is looking to break records quickly.

If I take the time to read the postings or "Yank" on his feeds, I might learn something I did not know about.

This makes this site all the worth while ( for me ) to check-out.

And you Too !

So wonder over and take a look. I really would appreciate your comments and / or suggestions on this site.

-----End of Extract-----


Lynn Sorel said...

This will not be your last review by us. There will be more coming.

We are trying to get our reviews back to video. We used to do them this way, but it takes us along time to compile the video. You would be surprised at the "Bleepers and Bloopers" in a video :)

Oh, my name is Lynn :) I also write on Os9user News Room. Welcome aboard !

Hazel said...

sure i have add u to my blogroll

ghing said...

hi.. I also added you on my blogroll..

Mariuca said...

ALAKAZAM!!! The genies are back, and this time, we have the Magic Lamp of Luck for you!

Mariuca said...

Dropped by in a rocket MT! ;)

MakeTraffic said...

Thanks Lynn. I can wait for the video review. Cheers!

MakeTraffic said...

Thanks Hazel, ghing for the add.

MakeTraffic said...

Thanks Marzie for dropping by and the invitation. You are such a pal!

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