Saturday, July 12, 2008

Celebrity Blog rankings

I am curious about the relationship between celebrities and their blog ranks. So i did a bit of research (all public information) and the conclusion is quite obvious. The more popular you are, the more traffic and link you will have for your blog (of course that also depend on whether they write often in their blogs). It is thus an easier task for the celebrity to propel their blogs. It is a matter of whether they want to or are interested in doing so.

It is however, harder to be a celebrity by blogging. I will write about blog celebrity in my coming post. Stay tune.

Local Celebrities' Blog (Singapore)

MediaCorp Artists

Qi Yi Wu
PageRank: 5
Technorati Rank: 36,939 Authority:152

Dasmond Koh
PageRank: 4
Technorati Rank: 11,118 Authority:367

Bryan Wong
PageRank: 4
Technorati Rank: 12,058 Authority:345

Fann Wong
PageRank: 4

Quan Yi Fong
PageRank: 4

Cruz Teng
MediaCorp Radio DJ
PageRank: 4

Lin Pei Fen
MediaCorp Radio DJ
PageRank: 4

Jack Neo
PageRank: 3

Mark Lee
PageRank: 3

Jeanette Aw
PageRank: 3

If you know of any celebrity in your area and their blogs. Please let me know so that i can update in the above list.


Xjion89 said...

Wow, tat is interesting. I added some of the links thre in my own blog. Actually, it is quite interesting to see the celebrity in person, like their real self. Some more, I oso feel very curious abt the blog ranking and their celeb status.Looking 4ward ur next post.

Steve said...

Would you like to exchange links with my 2 blogs?

Leave a comment on either / both if you do and I'll add your link on mine too.

MakeTraffic said...

Hi xjion89,

Sorry for the late reply. Stuck with a big project at work. Finally found some time to blog.

Thanks for your encouraging comment. Will try to come up with the next post soon. Cheers!

MakeTraffic said...

Hi Steve, certainly. I will add your link. Cheers!

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