Saturday, February 21, 2009

A better tomorrow

When you flip the newspaper in the morning, you will be greeted with news of economic gloom and doom. Your heart will sink further and whatever hope that is remaining will falter day by day.

Everyone seems to be waiting.

Waiting...for the economy to recover.
Waiting...for companies to stop retrechments.
Waiting...for a good time to enter into the stock market.
Waiting...for the stock market to rise.
Waiting...for any good news.
Waiting...for a good deal. do the things they want but are worried about the foreseeable future

It is like everyone is holding their breath.

Hoping that it is a bad dream and that it will go away quickly.
Hoping that the next retrenchment will not happen to them.
Hoping that the company they worked for will not go bankrupt.
Hoping that they will once again be able to spend on those things they like.
Hoping that they can start to dream again.

In the midst of waiting and hoping for a better tomorrow, life still goes on.

There are still births and deaths.
There are still love one to treasure
There are still work to be done.
There are still chores to be completed.

Are we losing hope or direction? Choose to focus on things you like and people you love rather than the economic gloom and work problems. Take this moment to prioritise. Many People, including myself have be racing so fast this few years to seriously reflect, prioritise and (most importantly) take action.

We can choose to sigh everyday and wait OR
We can choose to live and enjoy every moment, take each task when it comes (in stead of worrying) and face the problem in stride.

Because we know that all these will PASS and we WILL have a better tomorrow.

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