Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Why are you so downcast, O my soul?

Why are you so downcast, O my soul?

Why so disturbed within me?

Put your hopes in God,

for I will yet to praise him,

my Saviour and my God

Friday, June 5, 2009


When i feel like i am a failure,
Lord, you whisper to me
that you have created me for a purpose,
for you Will and your Glory.
Nothing really matters besides you.
All human emotions are tainted with sin and are unreliable.
Ignore the noise and distraction of the world
to do your Will.
Please reveal to me, your plans for me.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mid Year Review

I reviewed my resolution and found that i did not live up to most aspect as plan.
It is because i rely too much on my own strength.

Apart from God, I can do nothing


10% of life is made up of what happens to you. 90% of life is
decided by how you react.


Lord, if moving the mountain is not in your will, give me the strength to climb it.

In pursuit of God

I have decided to embark on the path in persuit of God. I will try to update my struggles in a short bloglets (no i don't use twitter, i find it quite burdensome to update all my movements). I want to use this as an avenue to note down my journey so that when i looked back, i can say that God is indeed good to me. Not that he wasn't but it is just that Man is forgetful. God has always been good to me.

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