Sunday, June 24, 2007

Pitstop: Revisit goal

By now everyone would know that my style of blogging is in the form of snippets for busy people like you and me who wants to read information quickly and easily without going through long passages.

I Just want to revisit my goal again for new readers.This blog is created to share my experences of attracting traffic to a blog from scretch. Too many sites are offering principles and there are not enough application or step-by-step guide on this topic.

This blog goes beyond a guide.

As I apply the methods which i have researched and gathered, to build up the traffic of my site, i will share my experences and the effectiveness of each method. In doing so, i hope to save you time.

As you witness the growth of this site, It is my hope that you will participate, share information and comments on this topic so that the readers of this site will benefit.



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