Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Olympics Fever

If you are wondering where i was, I was at the Olympic.
No, i was not in Beijing Olympic. I do not have the luxury of time and money to go there. I was in front of my TV after work.

Sorry for not being able to reply all your comments during the period. Please do not blame me. After all, The Olympic games comes only every four years. If i missed this Olympic, i have to wait four more years.

Olympic will end tonight. I guess i will suffer from a bit of Post Olympic withdrawal symptoms.

I will be alright in a week or two after i recover from looking forward to watch the world's best sport persons come together to compete for the precious metal medals.

What a wonderful Olympic this has been! One of the best ever!
Cheers to Beijing 2008!


Plastic Business Card said...


I think it is a better man quality because every man is not rich and every man cannot afford this.I appreciate your thinking.Olympics are coming after four years.I think mostly people enjoyed on the TV screen.

Mariuca said...

Dropping by to say hello MT! Hope u're doing good, and have a great week ahead! :)

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